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Do you suffer from severe allergies? Do the summer months bring severe eye irritation and discomfort? Believe it or not, you have the ability to damage your eyes in the dead of winter without any sign of the sun. Here are a few tips to keep your pupils healthy and protected.

Make sure that you’re on top of it. Those irritated eyes may be an allergy or a sign of an infection. One simple checkup can monitor any sudden changes and rule out possible unknown health issues.

If you find yourself juggling between your eyeglasses and shades, maybe it’s time for protection by prescription.  Prescription shades can be custom made with a level of tint to block out the sun. Thereby, you’re not straining your eyes while staying in the shade.

Moisture and protection go hand in hand.  Regardless of the season, a dry eye should never be ignored or taken for granted. If you experience dry eyes on a regular basis, keep eyes drops on hand to keep them hydrated.

Be sure to take your shades to work in the fall. As the summer comes to a close, we often feel it’s time to put the shades away, but it could be father from the truth. Though the days are shorter the sun still maintains its level of brightness. Therefore, be sure to sip your morning coffee with a cool pair of colored specs.

Keep your eyes covered for Christmas. At the end of the day, when it comes to exposure, the winter is definitely equal to the summer.  The rays of the sun can reflect on the snow and ice causing extreme damage to your retina and cornea.

In conclusion, keep an eye on everything.  Regular checkups and the proper care will benefit our eyes in the long run, and our future selves will thank us.

Written By: Latoya Hoyte

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