retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas
retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas
retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas

Who doesn’t love a good holiday film? In the past, these films have helped viewers cling to the spirit of family, giving and love, even in the worst of times. From broken hearts to broken dreams, Christmas is not exempt from undergoing the hardships of life and Almost Christmas was yet another reminder of that. The idea of adding another Christmas movie to your personal collection may seem a bit overrated but before you write off Almost Christmas, check out a few reasons why it’s worth the watch.

"Almost Christmas" screenshot.
“Almost Christmas” screenshot.

Having made major moves in television, starring on hit shows like “House,” Omar Epps (Love & Basketball, The Wood) hasn’t forgotten how to light up the big screen. Omar mostly interacted with former cast mate and executive producer of the film Gabrielle Union, who’s character struggled with juggling immediate life situations (divorce, low income) versus continuing to chase a dream, all while having to endure her older sister’s (Kimberly Elise) judgmental and condescending comments.

retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas
Retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas

Beside comedian vets, JB Smoove and Academy Award winner Mo’Nique  were Jesse T. Usher and DC Young Fly. These two were unbelievably funny together and received major laughs from the audience. Usher’s character battled with pill addiction after getting hooked following a football-related injury while Young Fly’s character had a thing for older and much thicker women.  Usher is no stranger to the big screen, landing a role in the much-anticipated blockbuster film Independence Day: Resurgence as well as starring in the Starz original series “Survivors Remorse.” Internet sensation and one of MTV’s “Wild’n Out” funny men, DC Young Fly made his big screen debut in this movie and came ready to show out, displaying his talent as an entertainer. Seeing more of him on the big screen is definitely something worth looking towards.

retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas
retrieved via twitter @almostchristmas

Mr. Danny Glover slid right on in as the patriarch, naturally, of this Christmas story, giving audiences a performance that after seeing it, imagine anyone else playing the part seems downright disrespectful. Glover’s character found himself fighting against his eldest and politically driven son (Romney Malco) to save one of his wife’s most prized memories while trying to keep his eldest daughter from not only killing her cheating, no-good husband but her little sister too. He’s come a long way from Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and according to his IMDb page, he’s going to be a busy man next year, being cast in at least 5 films.

$15.5 million in its first week and coming in 4th at the box office (released in 2300+ theaters out of 5000+ in the US), Almost Christmas is worth the night out, occasional family outing or warm date. 3 out of 5 stars, we give it.  Tell us what you thought of the film.

Written By: Melody Lanei

Twitter: MLanei

Instagram: MissMLanei



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