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What we won’t do for love, right? Once upon a time, there were both men and women screaming at the top of their lungs that they would never date someone with kids, or someone who had been married before or anyone that came with what was then considered “baggage,” but it’s been made very apparent in recent years that another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!  With past shows like “Step by Step,” or taking it back even further to “The Brady Bunch,” blended families are now the new normal and some of our favorite celebrities seem to have mastered this new family dynamic. So, what DO we do for love? LOVE, of course!  Here are 6 of our favorite blended families showing the world that love doesn’t necessarily end, but instead evolves.

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First off, congrats again to Kevin Hart and his new wife Eniko! This relationship had its naysayers since day one, including Kevin’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart. But like mature adults, these three have pushed through the past and the pain and are determined to make sure the Hart children, Heaven and Hendrix are surrounded by nothing but excessive amounts of love and support.  Come on, you can’t have a last name like Hart and not have one!  Peace and Love to the Harts!

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Now, if you don’t remember the media buzz behind these three then go BING it, cause we’re not going recap that drama for you in this post.  But, to say the least, it was a mess (and to be honest, I even chose a side back then) but in recent months, these parents have shown off their perfected relationship; with each other and, of course, with the children. Alicia Keys stated on her IG post,The understanding, compassion and support we’ve found is a powerful testament to the healing that comes when we choose love. Especially for the kids… the most important part of our lives.”  Keys released a single towards the end of last year entitled “Blended Family” featuring A$AP Rocky commencing something most can hardly fathom.

“Blended Family (What You Do For Love) ft A$AP Rocky

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Let’s talk about some vets in the game, shall we?  Back in his Fresh Prince days, Willard Christopher Smith, III, (aka Will Smith) met, loved and married then Sheree Zampino, and they had a son named Trey.  A couple of years later, he met, loved and married popular actress Jada Pinkett and out of 19 years of marriage they share two children, Jaden and Willow.  In a letter to a friend, Pinkett stated “my blended family made me a giant; taught me so much about love, commitment and it has been the biggest ego death to date.”  Having a conversation with Oprah, Sheree stated “you realize, [Will and I] had our chance, now it’s about those kids.”  Now with all the kids grown and pursuing their own endeavors, we can say that this blended family is what SUCCESS really looks like.

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Out of all our favorite blended families, Sean Combs (aka known as P. Diddy, bka Puff Daddy) is the only male who has gotten away with not marrying any of his children’s mothers and has somehow managed to make sure that his relationship with his children, and their moms, is better than copacetic.  His eldest, Justin, was conceived with his high school sweetheart Misa (and was the motive behind Kanye’s lyrics in “Highlights”). Diddy’s most public and popular relationship (behind J. Lo) was with his second baby’s mother Kim Porter, who eventually birthed 3 of his biological children (Christian, D’Lila and Jessie) and allowed him to adapt her eldest, Quincy. During he and Kim’s relationship though, he apparently met Sarah Chapman, the third woman he would share a child with (Chance), who is 5 months older than his set of twins (making the relationship between Sarah and Kim a bit turbulent at first).  It’s apparent that Diddy doesn’t take his role as Patriarch lightly, and his family is truly blessed because of it.


After being married for over a decade, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee filed for divorce back in 2009, and both have since been in a few long-term and public relationships. Over the years, they have proven and the paparazzi has shown that these two co-parent gracefully when it comes to their two princesses, Ming and Aoki.  Lee also shares a son with actor Djimon Hounsou, and is currently married to investment banker Tim Leissner who is the father of her fourth child, Wolf Lee, extending her already blended family.


Steve Harvey has become the man with all the answers lately and he credits his new-found joy, happiness and success to his beautiful wife Marjorie and the healthy blending of their two families. Steve has four children from two previous marriages and Marjorie has 3.  Early last year, the couple sat with People Magazine and discussed their different approaches to bringing their families together.  With the children being adults, Steve took the old-school approach, which was basically “deal with it” while Marjorie’s talk with the “kids” was a bit more beneficial.  “I just told them, ‘Everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents. Whatever you didn’t have before, don’t let that interfere with what you can have now.’”

There are many substantial institutions that we build our lives upon, but the root of it all always starts with family.  These [now] happy families all had to go through pain, trials and even separation and sacrifice to be where they are today.  No one is perfect.  Making no family perfect, but what is understood about our top 6 blended families is that they pressed toward the mark of family and didn’t stop until they had the one they wanted.

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