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Everyone enjoys a good time out with a few close friends or family members. However, for one reason or another you might not want a particular person to be at every function you plan. It’s not that you dislike them or you don’t have fun when they’re around; you’d just rather them not attend that one time. There are ways to keep a person uninvited without hurting their feelings.

The moment you deny the invitation, the person is going to want to know why. Though you may feel terrible about giving excuses, there are reasons you can give that may actually fit your situation. For example, maybe this person’s vibe doesn’t mix well with the rest of the group. Blending is often an issue and no one wants to feel like an outcast. If there’s that possibility of everyone having divided fun, there really is no point in inviting everyone to the same function.

Did someone else help plan or pitch the idea for the event? If so, it is likely that the guest list won’t be entirely up to you. You won’t be completely accountable for the invites and your friend or family member can’t be too mad about this situation.

What type of activity or event are you planning? If it’s something you know for sure that the person who is not invited wouldn’t be into, there’s no way they can be upset about your decision.

It isn’t always easy leaving someone out, but your reason for not wanting your friend or family member to attend something you’re organizing may very well fall into one of these three categories. With good reason and delivery, you’re able to keep the calmness and still enjoy your event.

Written By: Essence Mason


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