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Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Wendy Williams recently used her platform to speak out on people who want Jesse Williams’ fired from “Grey’s Anatomy” after his speech at this year’s BET Awards. In the midst of doing so, she managed to slip up and say that she does not agree with HBCUs or the NAACP. She said that she would be offended if there were historically white colleges, or if there was an organization specifically for the advancement of white people. While she was saying these things, her audience was in complete silence. It was actually the quietest we have ever heard the Wendy Williams audience. It seemed as though even Wendy herself was shocked by the lack of support she received from her guests. After making her comments she said, “You’re leaving me out here to hang to dry by myself.

As Wendy is known for speaking her mind whether people like it or not, this time she is going to have to pay the price. Since her comments about the NAACP and HBCUs, she has been catching all sorts of backlash and expressions of disappointment from fans on her Instagram page.


On top of that, it has now been reported that Wendy has lost her show’s sponsorship from Chevrolet. Wendy’s deal with Chevrolet included custom digital content, social media marketing, and was set to continue for the rest of the year. In return, Chevrolet was looking to promote the new 2016 Chevy Malibu, but not anymore. Sources say that Wendy has been sobbing about the loss all week long; however, she refuses to apologize for what she has said. As it has not been said as to who exactly pulled the plug, rumor has it that Andrea Holmes Thompkins, who is president and CEO of ACE Media Corp (the company responsible for facilitating the Chevy partnership), actually graduated from Howard University, which just so happens to be an Historically Black College.

Hopefully, Wendy has learned her lesson and will work on choosing her words wisely.

Written By: Rahkiya Brown



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