Many fail to realize sexual health is just as important as physical and mental health! No one is telling you to go “humping around” but there are some handsome rewards to be gained from having a healthy sexual relationship! Check out a few ways that “doing the do” can be beneficial to you and your relationship!

Health Benefits Of Sex: Dr. Oz – Mondays with Marlo

It’s good for your health! Did you miss your workout or don’t have time for the gym? Well, you can make up for it in the bedroom. The act alone increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. The more vigorous and active you are, the better, as you could easily burn upwards of 200 calories. If you thought that was good news, another added bonus comes in the form of having shorter, lighter menstrual cycles with less intense cramping. According to Women’s Health, the increased number of uterine contractions during an orgasm helps to expel blood and tissue more quickly which ends your period faster!” It also helps lower blood pressure and is one of the top methods for relieving stress!


It improves relationships! Open communication with your mate about sexual pleasures and fantasies helps you to connect on a deeper level. Try new things and create something that you both look forward to.

For instance morning sex! Some like it some don’t but research shows that making “morning sex” a staple not only improves physical health it also makes you a more generally happy person. It can also help decrease the number of arguments and disagreements. After all, I don’t think anyone can deny the emotional connection felt during an intense round of make-up sex!

Lastly, lack of sex can also affect your health. Please take note of the pointers discussed below.

Is Lack of Sex Killing You

Written By: Tenesha Thomas

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