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Two heavily promoted films, “Southside with You” and “Hands of Stone” were released this weekend in select theaters. In spite of many theaters not carrying the films, they were able to hit top 20 in this weekend’s box office numbers. With other major films hitting theaters, it’s the perfect time for a Box Office Roundup.

“Southside with You” [Photograph] Retrieved on 8/29/2016 from
“Southside with You” [Photograph] Retrieved on 8/29/2016 from
“Southside with You” was a pleasure to watch. Seeing a young Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) pursue a fierce Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) was as sweet as it was powerful. The film told the story behind the now First Couple’s first date; you fall in love with the youthful passion and determination of the young couple.

Unfortunately, the love wasn’t wide spread, as the film only brought in a little over 3 million, coming in at number 13 on the box office ticket but still decent for only being released in 800 out of more than 3500 nationwide theaters.

Ramirez, De Niro, and Raymond [Photograph] Retrieved on 8/29/2016 from
Ramirez, De Niro, and Raymond [Photograph] Retrieved on 8/29/2016 from 
PANAMA!! “Hands of Stone” was also only released in 810 theaters, raising 1.7 million dollars for the box office.  It’s very sad that the masses didn’t get a hold of this film.  The film was a great reminder that hurt, pain and struggle is not only an [black] American thing and that champions are literally born everywhere.  Shining light on the world’s first lightweight champion to win a middleweight title, as well as the only opponent to beat the great Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond, IV), Roberto Duran’s (Edgar Rameriz) hardships and triumphs came across strong on the big screen and the film was not afraid to show off Panamanian history, boxing greats and U.S. dislike   All in all, a pretty decent dang film.

Major kudos to Stephan James Taylor for the music in “Southside with You.” The storytelling in “Hands of Stone” was remarkable; congratulations to writer and director Jonathan Jakubowicz for making such a stirring film.

Be sure to check out “Southside with You” and “Hands of Stone” in select theaters now!

Written by: Melody Lanei


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