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Waist trainers vs. waist trimmers…what’s the difference?  They can both help you shape your midsection and waistline through loss of inches.  Both are often worn during workouts and sometimes under clothes to get a quick slimming effect.  The question still remain what is the difference? Therefore, I did some research and tried both for myself.  With “swimsuit and summer dress” season coming I’m sure there are many ladies looking for easy ways to lose a few inches.  With that being said, below are the findings of my research regarding the two products.


Waist Trainers Waist Trimmers
Adjustable/Comfortable? Trainers are not as easy to adjust due to hooks attached. Due to the Velcro and elastic band for adjust ability trimmers seemed to be more comfortable to wear.
Can be worn under clothes? Yes. Most are made of smooth material and not too bulky to wear under clothing (with the exception of tightly-fitted clothing). Most trimmers are bulkier than trainers due to the Velcro. Therefore, wearing under clothing may be more challenging.
Budget-friendly? Trainers can range in price from $20 – $90 and tended to average around $50. Trimmers range from $10 – $40 in price with average around $25 so they appear to be more budget-friendly.
Available for most sizes?  Yes Yes

Hopefully the information provided helps you determine which is best for you.  Also, remember trainers and trimmers should not be used as weight loss solutions. Instead, choose a good workout and eating regimen to lose weight.

Written by Keona Hardin

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