The grind never stops for Bon God! 

Bianca Bonnie’s first project in over nine years is on its way to everyone’s playlists ! While the star gave her fans sneak previews of her upcoming music on last season of Love & Hip Hop New York, the best is yet to come with her much anticipated LP.

Not without your help of course! 

Following her banger, Hurd Ju’ , the next single will be completely up to fans to decide ! Both Bianca and Yandy took their Instagram accounts to announce the voting process!

Ok y'all I need your help. For the next two days it's going to be a @biancaisking take over! It's single time and I need your help picking her first single after 9 years! She's been working hard and really wants you all apart of the project. I will be putting up 15 second clips of a few records I'm considering for you to vote on. I will also be doing a periscope listening session tomorrow at 10pm from #Aymproductionsstudios so you should all tune in and pick Bianca's next single. Tomorrow evening I will give you the website to vote and by Friday we will have the single blasting everywhere! Bianca really wants to make this an album for her fans so she wanted you all to be apart of the process! Listen a few times spread the word, repost and help us pick the best record! Happy voting tomorrow. DJs her promo tour is being routed now, I will be on the first leg of the tour so get to booking Asap. All I'm asking is for you to support the record and we will come to your city and support you. For bookings please email

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In case you haven’t heard them yet, take a listen to all clips below!

‘It’s Whateva’ 


Phone Ring’ 

‘The 9th Year’ 

Please be sure join Yandy on Periscope at 10pm to listen to the full versions to all 4 songs then make it back here to Vote for your favorite single by commenting below and telling us WHY it’s your favorite! 

The Bianca Bonnie takeover has officially begun.

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor 



  1. I love them all, but to pick one it would be the 9th year. I like this one because I can relate to the lyrics.

  2. I vote for phone ring because it has a hot beat and the way she come in with that different pitch like I do what I want…. I think that really brings the mix but a nice way to the song and emphasize her nice voice.

  3. It’s whatever
    Album sounds like it’ll do great regardless but that single going to put her where she needs to be for sure

  4. If I could my vote is for TWO I’m a 30somthing Southern Chick who still has her ear to the street and I would say your winner and all levels and group would be MVP and The 9th Year.. Good Luck BB…

  5. it’s whatever , the beat is mad dope , the verse and a lot of females can relate , and you can turn up to it , not to slow not to fast just rite. this is the one

  6. WHATEVA is defiantly a radio hit and would get many spins. the rest are great club bangas. WHATEVA has my vote. Great job ladies!

  7. I love all but #1 is radio appropriate and will get more play!

    #4 is back up choice, good for purchase on iTunes love you ladies and all the hard work you are putting into this not just for Harlem but for NY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. #1 for radio play because it’s more appropriate and will get club play as well…this is the #turnup generation wee need this hit.

    #4 is back a possible back up and will be great for iTunes.

    Love you ladies and all the hard work y’all put into this project, not just for Harlem, but for NY!!!!!!! Muah

  9. My vote goes to It’s Whateva because I was drawn to the title plus I listened to it more than once and I would play this in my car.

  10. Hard to chose! Bianca is the next best cheffed up! Waiting on the album to hit iTunes! Ringtones! Everything lol! #TeamB but if I had to choose, it would have to be MVP! Only because I was looking forward to the 9th Year! and y’all didn’t even play it! Broke my heart! Lol Either way, looking forward to the album!

  11. I love them all but if I had to pic it would be phone ring and mvp…. Phone ring just makes me feel very hype and I just love the beat to and mvp because it’s kinda trippy I love the tone and I feel like I can bump to mvp…..BUT I KNIDA am obsessed with phone ring

  12. Phone ring I think it’s fire . It’s really good and so is B. I think it’s going to be a great single that everyone will like for sure ❤️

  13. The phone ring single has that pop n that drive. That people look for. Itz aggressive n sweet at the same time.. The others are great too… Never stop creating new feels.. The more personal the better.. N itz whats not politically correct.. That sells Records..
    Keep doing your thing ma…
    #kswizzy @ soundcloud. Check me out .. I support the real…

  14. I love them all but if I had to choose it would be phone ring it’s very hype and I feel like that is a. Poping song but I also like mvp too but mostly I love phone ring I’m like obsssed ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳

  15. I definitely love love MVP. I certainly know some haters out there wishing they sat on my throne. Second choice is It’s whateva.

  16. The 9th year nice be can most def but this while i be flexin on dem stuntin on them while im ballin.gett’em B love it

  17. I love It’s Whateva because it sounds like something I could hear on the radio and it’s already stuck in my head. She should do a dope video and go on a promo tour because I’d pay to see her perform these songs.

  18. Number 5 – The 9th Year
    A song that has everything you want in it. It shows every part of Bianca’s talent the vocal to the lyrical content and that she is a true artist.

    Sounds like nothing that it out at the moment and an instant hit

  19. Number 5 – Certified hit and shows off every aspect of her talent. It is unlike anything else that is at at the moment and features her vocal gifts as well of how her verses tight in with it.

  20. MVP- very heart touching. Congratulations girl, on your rise to the top 🙂 it’s always so nice to see ppl achieve greatness in life, especially women ❤ I think all your music is awesome, keep up the great work.

  21. They were all the bomb…..but my fav. Has to be phone ring. It is popping… the lyrics the beats and home girl just down right kills it. Happy for b. Happy for you yand…..God bless ya both…and now let the haters hate…..let the hating begins. Lol. Bianca. You kill it girl. KILL. KILL.

  22. Phone ring my fav…b killed it. Love ya both. Many blessings to both ya…..let the haters hate and let the hating begin…. cuz b killed it…KILLED… the lyrics. Love the beats. Ya got nasty with it. Man congratulations…….let the money roll in….again God bless ya

  23. “It’s wateva” sounds like a hit..I’m ready to see a video!!
    Her music is dope, I’m looking forward to hearing more and seeing her live!!!
    Best of luck with all your success!

  24. I like the MVP. Its just that type of song that remind me of back in the day it got a smooth grove to it. I love sexy slow jams. That’s going to be that song that people would say that’s my jam turn it up. Lol nice job with all the songs though.

  25. MVP should be the next single. It’s sexy, giving us women life, definitely a dope summer banger for us ladies to groove to with our hair blowing, shades on and wearing our stilettos . I think this will be a good balanced song to hit us with next, shows Bianca’s versatility. I keep wanting to hear this song more and can vision a video for it. Dope song, you can tell she’s been working hard and Yandy’s support, knowledge and development is really showing.. I rock for my sistas! #Supporteach other, #supportart #MVP # yandy smith #biancabonnie

  26. I love “Whatever” what she says in this song is so true, and I relate to it so that’s why I love it! She’s come back like she never left, she seems so cool and down to earth on the screens. I can only imagine how cool she is. You go girl!

  27. I love “whatever” I mean she is just absolutely awesome, and I can relate to this so much! You go girl, you have it already!!!

  28. MVP! Love the vocals on it! It shows in the 15 seconds that you’re putting love into your music and not just submitting anything! Go girl!

  29. I love all of these songs, but MVP is my favorite and I vote it to be the single. I love the vibe that it has and I keep replaying that snippet. It’s just such an amazing song.

  30. I love all of these songs. But my favorite is MVP, it should be the single. I like the vibe that it has and the lyrics are tight!! I keep replaying the snippet.

  31. It’s whatever is my favorite because it’s so real and the beat is dope and Bianca is a beast on it, also her vocals are so on point. Sounds like something good to jam too on radio.

  32. It was honestly a hard decision. I really like both MVP and the 9th year. But My final decision is MVP. The beat is very similar to kehlanis ” the way” . It has that little beat that makes you want to move your head. You need something that is smooth enough to be catchy. I like songs like this cause it makes me wanna play it over and over


  34. So I lovE the 9th year and mvp. I feel like she brinING something new to the table and it works it sounds amazing keep it up much love xoxoxox

  35. Phone ring has my vote her flow is dope the beat is on point that doesn’t surprise me Harlem girls do it best #AllTheWayTeamB #HarlemWorld #

  36. It’s wateva I like this song because the beat and the lyrics were powerful. It sounds like she song from the heart on this song

  37. I Love It’s Whateva Because Hurd Ju Was A Club Banger But Now It’s Whateva Is Like The Ladies Jam To Just Sing To When In The Mood

  38. I vote for the 9th year to be her single because I think it sounds amazing and it gives off this vibe & it shows her versatility !

  39. 9th Year shows Bianca as a versatile artist and thats what society is into these days. Her vocals are poppin on that that track and we know she can slay a hot beat with some rap so that song is perfect.

    Phone Ring is hot too! Love the lyrics on that one.

  40. Definitely MVP. When you hear something… you just KNOW. I was definitely vibing and with mellow tone music being a hit currently (Jhene Aiko, Dej Loaf)… I think it would go off the charts. Keep doing your thing B! & Yandy, your belief in her paid off. She has you to thank as well as her dedication. I’ll be waiting for that album drop!


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