Juco, Viola Davis, [Photograph]. Retrieved on 1/7/2016 from www.vulture.com
Juco, Viola Davis, [Photograph]. Retrieved on 1/7/2016 from www.vulture.com
HBO is well known for their historical story-telling. With hits like the John Adams miniseries, it appears that HBO may be taking on the challenge of telling the familiar story of Harriet Tubman. Award-winning and motivational speaker Viola Davis will play Tubman, daring to step into the shoes of one of history’s most prominent figures.

Based off the Kate Clifford Larson book “Bound for the Promise Land: Harriet Tubman: Portrait of an American Hero,” Viola will take us back to a struggle many have forgotten. Not only helping to develop the bio-pic, she and her husband, Julius Tennon are two of the executive producers on the upcoming HBO project.The story has been in development for months and Variety reports that filming may begin this year during Davis’ break from How to Get Away with Murder.

Harriet Tubman was not the first African-American woman Viola has pursued to play. Back in 2012, Viola was contemplating on if to play the role of Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to be elected to the Texas Senate. Barbara died in 1996, but could you imagine if she was alive today to hear what happened to Sandra Bland, in her very own state? Barbara is said to have been the nation’s conscience during the Watergate Scandal. Unfortunately, nothing more has been said about this film. It sounds like it would have been a great film.

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Written by: Melody Lanei


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