Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

In spite of the continual media coverage of senseless murders, religious wars and home-grown terrorists, many people continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. To some, the thought process that ignoring societal woos or choosing to no longer participate in political elections is the key to a happy life. Even some religious sects still feel that their god and place and way of worship is the ultimate solution for the turmoil that humanity faces today. Many celebrities shy away from controversy by choosing to keep their personal beliefs and political affiliations private. Remember the answer that controversial rapper Young Thug gave when asked if celebs should speak on such social matters?  To help jog your memory, take a look at his interview at the 2014 Hip Hop Awards.

There are many people, including celebrities, who agree with Young Thug and feel that people of influence should keep their personal feelings about social and national injustices within the four chambers of their hearts, but recently, millionaire CEO, comedian and all around entertainer, Nick Cannon stepped out on the social scene and shared his feelings about what is happening in the world around him.  Take a look.

It’s been a minute since Nick Cannon dropped bars for the public, and many still find it hard to take him seriously, but there is no question that Cannon will not stand by idly and be silenced by haters, an ex-wife, studio execs or even a complicated illness; when he has something to say, he’s not limited to his “Wild’n Out” stage.  “Too Broke to Vote” proves that Mr. Incredible will stand up for what  he believes in.

How do you feel about Mr. Canon’s video?  Do you agree with Young Thug and feel that celebrities should not speak on social, political and national issues?  Are you one to get involved in such matters.  Speak on it and let us know where you stand.

Written By: Melody Lanei


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