retrieved via instagram @Chantaulmusic
retrieved via instagram @Chantaulmusic
retrieved via instagram @Chantaulmusic

You don’t know what I’ve been through, my struggle made me who I am…

Passionate songstress Chantaul gave EGL an exclusive peak at her new video “Diary of Me” (produced by Krazy Figz and lyrics by Three), which has officially been released.  Chantaul graced the site back in February to share All In which embodies her hit song, “Dreaming.” Her forthcoming track takes a more aggressive and in-control approach than her previous single. The BET Music Matters artist is not playing any games and she is letting any adversary know “it’s the diary of me, forget about you..” The music video serves liberation and an alluring Chantaul.

chantaul-2-2More in-depth, Chantaul tells us, “It’s about a young woman on her hustle while dealing with certain distractions and setbacks from her childhood [ like an alcoholic father, abusive mother], guys trying to stop her from reaching some of her highest points, haters, etc. which resulted [in] her not fighting as hard. At only 19, homeless in Harlem, NY, sleeping on trains, taking wash-ups in bathrooms, singing at McDonalds for meals just to survive is what motivated her in 2012 to take this music sh^& serious. Now she’s ready to cut these checks and focus.”

Watch Chantaul’s new video “Diary of Me” below:

Stay put to Chantaul’s Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for the latest updates! Her single, “Diary of Me,” is available on iTunes and Tidal now.

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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