photo courtesy of Jasmene Bowdry

Retail Strategist, Fashion Entrepreneur and Online Boutique Owner Jasmene Bowdry was chosen to collaborate with one of the largest U.S. department stores to be apart of their fresh new innovative way to shop, The Market at Macy’s. There are over 12 stores hosting The Market across the nation, and Bowdry has landed in one of Atlanta’s premiere malls, Lenox Square in Buckhead. Jasmene is a versatile fashion style queen who traded in her successful corporate world position to style full-time. SHIFT StyleHouse has only been around for two years and the brand was chosen out of thousands to participate in an opportunity of a lifetime with The Market at Macy’s.  Although Jasmene is a fairly new boutique owner, her expert skills speaks volumes within the laces and pleats of SHIFT StyleHouse intrinsic designs. She’s lived and traveled to various cities like New York, Chicago and Miami to hone her craft. The native Houstonian credits her mom for introducing her to fashion at a very young age.

My mom would buy me paper dolls for 99 cents and I would dress them up and style them.. She sewed as well,” she said.

photo courtesy of Jasmene Bowdry

With a Bachelors Degree in Fashion, Jasmene has worked with various high-end retail brands as a buyer forecasting analysis in a competitive environment and eventually creating an autonomous avenue for herself. SHIFT’S clientele varies from celebrities to your everyday corporate bosses. The brand is a representation of the modern day ‘on the go’ renaissance woman, fashionable and chic. The boutique boss is not just bringing fashion to the plate of her business, she’s bringing the brains. According to Black Enterprise, in a survey conducted by a small business firm called Guidant Financial, over 80% of black businesses have a tough time with start-up capital. Jasmene encourages other solo entrepreneurs to really know thier audience and define their niche market. Targeting everyone could be expensive versus building a clear and concise message to an audience that can relate.

The on-line boutique owner is excited to embark on an opportunity to become apart of a brick and mortar atmosphere and a chance to be tangible to those seeking more individuality within their wardrobe.

Women are always searching for new fashion trends with gorgeous, vibrant hues and unique looks to make them feel beautiful. I am confident that my styles will bring a freshness to the market, “ Jasmene stated.

If you are in Atlanta, be sure to swing by Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall to shop Shift StyleHouse this month from July 7th-August 3rd. On July 20th, there will be a fashion presentation at 3pm and an extraordinary ‘Shift Your Style’ experience from 2pm-4pm hosted by Shift StyleHouse.

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Written By: Ke’Ke Tatum


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