Over the past decade, high-end sportswear has been all the rage. Last year there was over 42 billion dollars in sales alone! Men and women aren’t only wearing their workout gear to the gym. It’s now the norm to run your errands in head-to-toe matching fly athletic wear better known as Athleisure. We are seeing collaborations between sportswear lines and designers/celebrities launching frequently.

Under Armour has followed suit and by no means have they disappointed. Back in Spring 2016, they announced Tim Coppens would have creative control over the vision of his line with the mega-brand named UAS (Under Armour Sportswear). Tim has awed us with a line laced in water-repellant fabric and puffer coats with no stitches.


UAS screams everyday wear not just gym attire. These items are more so for nights out on the town rather that early workout sessions with your trainer. It makes you not want to break in your Under Armour!



“There is a desire for something new; a new twist on an American sportswear brand that allows the ambitious generation to go longer, faster and harder with an intuitive product and a modern style,” Coppens said in a statement.



With Tim Coppens at the helm of this collaboration, Under Armour has our full attention.

UAS debuts on September 15th (just imagine grabbing your coffee on a brisk Fall day in your newest UAS Athleisure).  This cutting edge line can be purchased at Under Armour.

EGL wants to hear what you this of Under Armour Sportswear! Let us know in the comments below.


Written by: Crystal Stoute of HerNameisCrystal


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