Leave it to the fashion addicts at our EGL offices to find all of the industry’s best in style… Not to mention a few of their blunders, as well. With that said, let’s get right into the gutsy fashion move made by Kim Kardashian-West as she stepped out in Los Angeles, CA last week.

Kim Kardashian wearing a corset over a Life of Pablo tee in Los Angeles, CA.
Photo credit: marieclaire.com
Retrieved: July 22, 2016

Crickets… Crickets… Crickets….
You are not alone, EGL-ers… It left us speechless as well!

From the looks of it (or lack thereof), something tells us that maybe, just maybe, today was a casual, “I’m just going to Target,” kinda day for Kim K. Either that, or, she could be taking into account the very public feud happening between her husband and Taylor Swift. Did she opt to go for the Superwoman-esque, leather corset look to show off her strong side? We’ve all witnessed just how passionate she is about standing up for her man, as well as, her family, so we guess we can give her some credit for giving off full-on WWF Wrestler tease in her black leather waist trainer.

Of course, we can always count on Kim to slay in those signature Céline shades and chic ankle-strapped sandals that sends off the message of: DO NOT “F with” me or my man! And, we can attest that the concept of her oversized Life of Pablo tee over black capri leggings came from none other than Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian wearing a corset over an oversized Life of Pablo tee.
Photo credit: instyle.com
Retrieved: July 22, 2016

Now, hold up… Wait a minute!
On second thought, now that we see the look from a different angle, Kim K. is definitely serving streetwear chic!

Check her out sporting the trend yet again wearing another “Life of Pablo” tunic, a patent leather lace-up corset, and heels. Could this possibly be her new signature look? Or, maybe a cool trend we might see hitting the everyday streets?

Kim Kardashian rocking a corset over an oversized Life of Pablo sweatshirt in Los Angeles, CA.
Photo credit: mirror.co.uk
Retrieved: July 22, 2016

Though we absolutely lived for her series of over-the-top waist trainer silhouettes in the past, we think that it’s time for Kim to lay the waist trainer trend to rest.

While we’re still pondering about whether this look was Hot or Not, add your inputs to the conversation by leaving a comment below! And don’t forget to share…

Written by: Paris Batty-Swett


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