Getting to the polls seems to be a significant obstacle for many Americans. Thirty-five percent of the youth who did not go to college say they lacked transportation to vote during the 2016 election.

Now with the 2018 elections right around the corner, Uber and Lyft will only make our polls so much more accessible. They are encouraging voters to get into the polls in November by taking things up a notch.

Uber is working closing with the organization #VoteTogether  to provide free rides to the polls. Lyft teamed up with different organizations like Voto Latino, Urban League, & TurboVote to help provide free rides to people from underserved communities, who are reportedly more likely to report transportation barriers.

On November 6th, a special Election Day button will show up on the Uber app. Riders can use the button to find their local polling place and also book a ride.

On the other hand, not only will Lyft also provide those same rides, but they will also distribute promotional codes for fifty percent off.

“It’s about using our voice and our platform to make sure folks have access to go vote,” said Mike Masserman, Lyft’s head of Social Impact.

In the interim to the midterm elections, both Uber and Lyft have been sharing information on how to register to vote with both their drivers and riders, according to each service.

Moral of the story is don’t forget to vote on Election Day and download your Uber and Lyft apps!

Written By: Ashley Nicole

Instagram: x__anicole




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