Madonna and Tupac [Photograph] Retrieved on 3/8/2016 from
retrieved via tumblr @madonnacollection on 3-8-16
retrieved via tumblr @madonnacollection on 3-8-16

The highly anticipated Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me, is currently filming and there are some huge surprises in store. Tupac told many stories via his music, and with recent details emerging about the film, it seems like his love life will get much attention on the big screen.

retrieved via instagram @don_rell on 3-8-16
retrieved via instagram @don_rell on 3-8-16

A picture of fresh-faced actress Robyn Marie Young dressed as the young and vibrant Madonna, with cast mate Demetrius Shipp, Jr (Tupac), was recently posted online, suggesting a bit of attention on the relationship between Pac and America’s favorite material girl.

Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, spoke on the “All Eyes on Me” rapper and Madonna’s relationship with VladTV last year.

They were kicking it,” he said. “I don’t think it was super serious, gonna get married or some s**t. You know how those entertainment relationships go,” he said. “But they both respected each other, so it ended cool. He never talked s**t about her, not to me. And she never talked s**t about him.”

Madonna’s relationship with Pac isn’t the only one that will be featured in the film. Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries) will star as the young and gifted Jada Pinkett (not yet Smith), a close friend of Tupac; another relationship that always kept people wondering. The film will also explore the infamous friendship between Pac and the dearly beloved Brooklyn rapper, Biggie Smalls (being played again by Jamal Woolard).

There’s been no word on if there will be a soundtrack for the film or if Tupac has another unreleased song we’ve never heard.

Of course, there will never be another entity who can tell Tupac’s story like Tupac Shakur himself, but hopefully this movie will tell a good and real story that will give the legend and his legacy due justice.

Take a look at Madonna confirming her relationship with Tupac below.

Written By: Melody Lanei


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