Logomania by no doubt has been taking over the fashion world in America. Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Dior. What’s next? Perhaps Kali Uchis has the right idea, merging colors with logos in vintage styles.

ALL PHOTOS FROM INSTAGRAMIn 2018, consumers, platforms, and celebrities are looking to represent brands in all ways. This includes content curation, collaborations, and even supporting brands’ increasing inclusivity. Celebrities provide a major influence in the clothing they wear in performances, during interviews, and even while off-duty, documented by paparazzi. Bloggers and influencers are offered opportunities to partner and showcase different labels in commercials, ad campaigns and when they produce content. As a result, it is creating an impact on everyday consumers.


Branding is prevalent now, more than ever, in a digital age and space. Displaying recognizable logos and having impactful product assortments are essential for businesses to generate revenue. For heritage brands such as Calvin Klein, Fendi, along with Gucci, they have capitalized on the thrifting trend within a younger demographic. Millenials and Gen Z consumers were already wearing these nostalgic brands and are now able to reinvent their style with an updated refresh. For new, up and coming brands such as Off-White, Matte Brand, and Body by Raven Tracy they are able to make a statement with their new outlook on logo placement and creations. By inserting logos in all over prints, different colorways, jewelry, and marketing this will generate conversation on different platforms while giving consumers a reason to buy.

Take a look at the brands that are making a statement in apparel and in our culture!


Body by Raven Tracy


Off- White


With the help of creative directors, collaborations with artists and other brands, it’s difficult to not take notice of such a trend! Let us know your favorite labels to wear in the comments below!


Written By: Jessica Roner, Owner of The J Spot Collective



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