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Got the travel bug? We have several tricks for you that you may be able to put to good use this year for all of your travels.

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Things to consider before booking your flight …

Off Peak and Peak Travel

Choosing a destination during peak travel can set you back quite a bit of money. Summer is usually peak travel, and flights are phenomenally higher than off-peak. However, booking for summer travel to cities that have are in low season can save you a pretty penny. Carribean countries before or after carnival, and not during the holiday season is the cheapest time to travel. Europe is always more expensive during summer, and airlines offer the best deals in the fall and winter. Africa and Asia travel are very economical most of the year, however, the flights around the holiday seasons usually double in price.


Grabbing the best deal is usually the hardest part. Never book on a Friday as prices are always higher on Friday. Many budget travelers book midweek and during off-peak hours of the day. Tuesdays are always the best days to snag the cheapest deals and flying on Tuesdays is usually the best bang for your buck.


Not all destinations are equal, and some can be heavy tourist ‘traps’ that will have you paying twice the amount for hotels and activities because it’s peak season. Consider less popular places for example – instead of heading to Cancun for Spring break, head over to Tulum. You will enjoy beaches, parties, and culture for half the price.

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Airport Choice

Use google flights to check different airports to fly into. Some cities have two different airports, and the same flight could be less than the main airport hub. Consider flying out of another city outside of you home airport. For example, flights out of Detroit tend to cost $75 or more than flying out of Chicago’s Midway or O’hare. A train ride from Detroit to Chicago is $35 one way – you save $40 or more!

Budget Airlines

Ok so hear me out, budget airlines have a bad rep, especially Spirit, and thankfully I’m not referring to Spirit Airlines. Budget airlines like Southwest, Frontier, Sun Country, West Jet and Jet Blue offer great deals to the Canada, Central America, Carribean, and South America. Choose budget airlines over the big three – Delta, United, and American, if you don’t mind packing light or paying for snacks and are flexible with your travel dates. Opting into flying budget airlines will save you hundreds.

Search Engines & Flight Apps

Arm yourself with an arsenal of flight search apps and search engines. Use Google Flights, Momondo.com, Skyscanner and Hopper to find great flight deals. All apps and engines offer destination inspiration if you have no idea whare you want to go. Play around and compare pricing for the best deal and book it.

Written by Lungi Moore, Editor, Modern Domestic


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