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Traveling can be a fulfilling experience. You get to soak up some culture and create priceless memories. Traveling with little ones can be tricky – but, if you do it right, you’ll have a successful trip with the family. If you are planning a family trip and have an infant with you, you may want to try these mommies traveling hacks to get you through the awkwardness of traveling with an infant.

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Long Haul Flights

The dreaded 6+ hour flights can be torture for anyone and unbearable if you’re in economy! Take advantage of the flight attendants when you need an extra hand. Ask for baby’s bottle to be heated or if you need extra fruit for a teething toddler. Take a walk down the aisles to shake off restlessness. Have lots of pacifiers, fruit snacks, and chewable goodies to help with air pressure bothering their little ears.

Diaper Changes

Changing diapers on a plane can be so cumbersome as there’s no space in the bathroom. Many planes don’t have change stations which force you to improvise! Research your flights beforehand and ask the airline if they have a change table on board. If they don’t, you’ll have to thug it out with a diaper change mat and change baby on the toilet seat – yuck! Alternatively, use your lap and change them while seated.

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Jet lag

Jet lag is a nightmare when you’re trying to get your child into the destination’s time zone. Best advice is to take an evening flight so you’ll sleep through the night and wake up at your destination. You can also adjust to the destination’s time zone before the trip.  Baby will usually work on the same timezone. If not, you’ll have to switch nap times – yes I know, it’ll take some convincing! Close the curtains if you are staying in a room with dark shades and do everything you would normally do when its nap time. Giving baby a bath before their nap also helps.

Pack Light

How? Invest in packing cubes and durable luggage. Depending on your trip, you can get away with a backpack and a diaper bag as well as traveling without a stroller. Create a to-pack list of baby essentials and comforts. Go over everything baby needs hourly. Only pack what they need. Use packing cubes and Ziploc space saver bags. These are perfect for no-frills airlines that nickel and dime you for everything including checked in luggage.


Travel can be a huge adjustment for any child. Temperature changes, different time zones, and the environment can make for an uncomfortable experience for your little one. Make sure their routine remains constant. Follow their lead and more importantly, reassure them. Close contact is vital to their adjustment. Strap them to your body when you leave your hotel room/Airbnb, this helps free your arms and allows baby to be nearby and comfortable.

Written by Lung Moore, Editor, Modern Domestic



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