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Photos from left: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images, TNYF/WENN.com, Picstich courtesy of BET
Photos from left: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images, TNYF/WENN.com, Picstich courtesy of BET

Toya Wright and K. Michelle go at it once again. The women have a history of ill feelings towards each other after K. Michelle publically accused her ex-boyfriend Memphitz, who was married to Toya, of abuse, and the Garb boutique owner invalidated those accusations. Toya and Memphitz are now divorced, and things have been settled and calm between the two until now!

The Shade Room posted the cover of Toya’s upcoming book How To Lose A Husband on Instagram. K. Michelle decided to state her opinion on the new book by commenting laughing emojis. Toya responded to her comment, saying,  “Glad to know you are watching” ending with the eyes emoji. With K. clapping back stating “Watching you look stupid.”

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Everyone thought that would have been the end of the argument, but Toya wanted her Instagram followers to know that she had nothing but time on her hands to continue the battle with K. Michelle. Toya posted a photo that said “Im so here for all these petty b****** tonight.”


K. Michelle then commented letting Toya know why she can’t keep a husband, and two reasons were because Toya wears bedazzled bonnets, and gives out hall passes!

You lose a man by sleeping in them bedazzled a– bonnets while handing out hall passes,” wrote K. “I’m gon’ laugh at your a– forever after the h-ll you put me through calling me a liar. How you gon’ tell another woman what she went through?

#KMichelle vs. #ToyaWright #ClapBackSeason ?

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They continued to throw shots at each other throughout the night. K. Michelle began calling Toya “Toyota,” while her fans flooded Toya’s Instagram account with car emojis.


Toya ended the argument by uploading a photo in her bedazzled bonnet with money emojis all over, letting K. know she is sleeping peacefully while getting coins.

Meanwhile ???

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Hopefully, these two can settle their differences soon, since neither one of them are with Memphitz anymore.

By: Adia Taylor



  1. Toya keep doing your thing K 15 minutes of fame bout to OVA FAEVA(cardi b voice)!!! She such a hood rat and ClassLess!!! Never to be taken seriously it’s Sad you can’t take the rough out of roughneck…..SAD!!!!


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