4/20 may be gone, but the buzz lives on year round. Hello Marijuana lovers! We have a treat for you fashion lovers … “High” Fashion that is! Literally. As you may know, marijuana is being legalized all over the country. The more popular it gets, the more we see the weed plant embossed on clothing and footwear. Posing the question “ Is Marijuana the new Black?”

As marijuana fashion garments continue to grow popular amongst designers and consumers, brands have become more “Mary Jane” happy. So just how did marijuana become the biggest trend of this season? Just who are the Mary Jane happy celebrities following this trend? We have the answers and many more EGL Fashion Lovers!

Some of our favorite celebs rock weed embossed garments…

This is just proof that current events affect the fashion world; from statements shirts like “Black Lives Matter” or Feminism quotes to show solidarity. So it comes as no surprise that designers went to the drawing board for their up and coming season preview to celebrate marijuana being legalized!

The top FIVE weed happy brands are…

Mara Hoffman: The New York fashion designer introduced cannabis on her catwalk in 2015. Stating that the marijuana plant is beautiful and inspiring.

Alexander Wang: This marijuana infused collection is High Fashion literally.

Jacquie Aiche: The designer describes herself as an enthusiastic consumer of cannabis and has been an avid “pot smoker” her whole life. So this comes as no surprise when we see her weed inspired jewelry pieces on our fave gals like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Jeremy Scott: The trendy genius green-washed the Adidas logo in 2012 and was spotted on our favorite male style crush, A$AP Rocky!

Gelareh Mizrahi: Her first collection of python handbags was a series called “STONED”

Are you digging this new trend? Sound off EGL lovers! Are you sold on this “High” Fashion?

Written By: January Jones


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