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Wives are ignored. Children are hushed away to their rooms. Homes are filled with Sunday joy or engines revved up with truck beds decked with football eats. It must be that time of year! Are you ready for some football!!!! Whether you’re prepping the den or packing up for the tailgate, here are our Top 5 Tailgating Tips:

  1. Approved Guest List

So we all know that one guest that may get too into the game and make it very uncomfortable for others by yelling or cursing at the TV constantly. Or we all have that one male that’s not interested in the game, but wants to show pics of his latest sexual conquests. These awkward situations could be alleviated with a quick glance over the invite list and pray that those pesky few take the message and not crash the party.


IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 09/05/2018
  1. Fashionable Football Attire

Okay, it comes always down to the Jersey to represent your respective teams, but ladies we don’t want those bulky over sized threads. You want something that throws a little attention our way (the quarterback can’t catch all the fun). So to make sure your game day jersey is ready to grace the runway, make sure you get a size that fits a little snug or one a little larger so that you can cut the neck seam to create that perfect drop of the shoulder. Needless to say your accessories have to be popping, so try some jewelers that make pieces handmade in the replica of your team’s mascot. You can never go wrong with the right accessory, the bigger the better, go big or go home, right?

  1. Season/Prep foods/ Game ready alcohol

Please to the 10th power, prep and season your food before game day, preferably the night before the big game. Who wants to eat chicken tasking like it never saw the hands of somebody Black! Prepping and seasoning foods is crucial, not only for your meats but for your sides such as potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and backed beans. Try mixing those recipe ingredients the night before and add your zest to it the day of or bake your goods from an overnight seasoned batch. Promise, your guest will thank you and you may even win the coveted MVP for the night.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper 0n 09/05/2018
  1. Portable furniture

WE can all agree that there is nothing worse than going to an event and having to stand the whole time. Especially if one choosing those cute red heels that matches your black and red jersey (hint to all my Falcons fans). Please have enough chairs or seating for everyone so that a girl can stay cute all night and not go home with bunions.

  1. Study Football

This is going to be short and sweet. For the love of every shamed woman that has gone before you and asked if they made it to the hoop during a FOOTBALL game…study the terms of football vocabulary!!!


IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 09/05/2018


Thanks for tuning in folks, Go ATL!

Written by Sabreen S-Straker, Staff Writer, The Modern Domestic


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