The seasons are changing and that means it’s time for another 411 session on the season’s top beauty must-haves.

  1. Ultimate Argan Oil– This product is great for giving yourself a manicure or pedicure. You can use it to massage around your cuticles and all over for soft, moisturized nails and baby soft skin. If the oil wasn’t magical enough, I the Deluxe Exfoliating Soap works wonders, too! It’s great for all skin types as a routine face mask to effectively remove dead skin and excess oils that can lead to dull skin and breakouts. Bye, Bye dead skin cells and hello flawless, fresh face. Order yours today here.


  1. Crown Brush – Known to most for having the best tools for makeup artists, we are actually in LOVE with their volumizing mascara. Seriously, this product will elevate your natural lash game! No need for individual or strip lashes because this mascara will strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes while still giving you the drama. Shop now at crownbrush.com.


  1. Perfecta Edge Definer– Fall weather can be tricky; some days it’s humid and some days it’s cold. Either way, your edges need to be laid AND protected. No matter what hairstyle you are rocking, it’s important to lay those edges as sleek as possible. This edge definer is from Congo Professional Hair Care of Chapman Products. The perfecta edge definer provides shine and ultimate frizz-free control for sleek hairlines and short areas.  Order here.

4. Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence– If you’re looking for full hydration for your face, especially if you’re a heavy makeup wearer, this is the product for you! It’s fresh and light texture enables skin plumping actives to effortlessly penetrate deep into the skin. A fine mist applicator makes it easy for layering and boosts the effectiveness of all other skincare that follows. Suitable for all skin types. Order here.


5. Frost Cosmetics Matted Lip Gloss– This matted lip gloss is definitely a Fall must-have. It lasts all day long and it goes on so smoothly! With the current weather changes, there will be lots of hot drinks to sip on without having your lip print on any cups. We are in love with Mocha Brown, the perfect color to match our melanin! Shop now at frostcosmeticsllc.com.


Try these products out and tell us if they are #EGLGirl approved!

Written By: Deidre Palode


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