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The Holiday Season is usually filled with family, friends, and food with hours of joy and purposeful unions. It may be a little troublesome to find little moments to steal away with that special person. To that end, with five smart rendezvous ideas, you can keep the holiday festive spirit while sparking a romantic flare.


Neighborhood Festival of Lights:
There may be very formal Christmas light shows or tree lighting ceremonies, but what a cute quick sight to travel homes known and not known to see how they’ve decorated for the season. Just jumping in the car just the two of you on a tiny adventure, ending all aglow is just what the doctor ordered.



Vision Board Party for TWO:
As the New Year approaches, you and your Bae will be tempted to say yes to a few of those crowded parties, ringing in the New Year on the count of ONE. Even dinner parties with those numerous toasts can be a bit bothersome after the night. Along with remembering all those names of the patrons at the table, can cause a couple to wish they were elsewhere. Well how about a night in with wine, food, and a path to the destined future of your choice with an intimate vision board party. With a few of your favorite magazines, favorite quotes, and favorite motifs, your dreams can come to reality with the one that you treasure the most.

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Cooking Class:
If you do choose to make the holiday a reservation for two, then we must make sure that your food choices are delectable. In some cases, your kitchen skills may need to be sharpened with a few pointers. What better way than with a cooking class that you and your loved one can learn how to cook authentic meals such as spaghetti and meatballs from scratch, Creole Cuisine, and healthy Soul Food (Yes, Soul Food can be healthy with a few lower calorie substitutions.) So, with a quick trip to Groupon, you can not only hon your culinary skills on a dime but make quality time a delicious endeavor.


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Shopping for Others:
It’s always such a great feeling to get that perfect gift for a loved one. The warm smile that graces their face is the memory that will warm us for years to come. Let’s just say this year instead of you and Bae shopping for one another or immediate family. Why not find a family to sponsor and make a date of deciphering their lists and bring joy to total strangers? The gift of charity is the best intimacy for a couple, giving selflessly of oneself will give you a bird’s eye view of their selflessness in the future.


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Spending Time with the Less Fortunate:
As stated, one of the best ways to spend time with a loved one is to give to others. To make sure this happens during The Holidays, please give time at your local food bank or shelter feeding and caring for people that are in the most in need. So, head to your local store and buy essentials that can be used by those in need such as socks, feminine goods, and universal toiletries and bring them along as you and Bae give gifts that can never be measured in quantity but in time.


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Happy Holidays…lovebirds!

Written by: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker @threepeatteach


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