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Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

From London to The White House, the entire world stopped in utter disbelief behind the sudden death of an incredibly gifted icon, Prince. Yesterday, an outpour of celebrities and fans took to social media and called into various radio stations to express their deepest condolences. Although his name is Prince, he is the King of “slaying” when it comes to his witty and eccentric style and personality. In honor of an influential beacon in music and entertainment, here are the top 3 powerful moments in Prince’s career:

Love Symbol

retrieved via pinterest @thehuffingtonpost on 4-22-16.
retrieved via pinterest @thehuffingtonpost on 4-22-16.

“The Artist Formally Known as Prince” was a genius, a brand and a symbol? The unpronounceable symbol later dubbed “The Love Symbol” or “Symbol” after his 12th studio album with The New Power Generation entitled, Love Symbol Album. The symbol resembles the egyptian Ankh which stands for eternal life and possess other numerous meanings. Prince’s Love Symbol was explained to be a combination of male and female attributes. Although the album didn’t do as well as one of his greatest studio recordings, Purple Rain (1984) and his other timeless projects, the symbol leading into present times sealed his powerful mark in the world. There are not too many artists who would be able to pull this off, and this could serve as inspiration to other industry trendsetters. The symbol stood for him not wanting to conform, despite the negative feedback; it stood for freedom.

Prince Gains Ownership to his Catalog

Manadatory Credit: Photo by Brian Rasic / Rex Features (396812dh) PRINCE VARIOUS
Manadatory Credit: Photo by Brian Rasic / Rex Features (396812dh) PRINCE VARIOUS

It was no small secret Prince was in a highly publicized legal battle in regards to having artistic control and owning what was his. Prince did not play when it came to the distribution of his legendary music, if it was bootlegged and recorded without his permission, he was going to come after you. Before TLC, Taylor Swift, Maxwell, Sara Bareilles and Selena Johnson, just to name a few, there was Prince at the forefront fighting copyright revisions. According to NBC News, in a 1999 Paper interview, he mentioned, “I wanted to buy my masters back from Warner Bros. They said no way. So I’m going to re-record them. All of them. Now you will have two catalogs with pretty much exactly the same music—except mine will be better—and you can either give your money to WB, the big company, or to NPG. You choose.” The late legend signed to Warner Bros. landing one of the biggest deals in history at the age of 18. After a year realizing the deal wasn’t as sweet as he thought it would be, he fought to get out of the contract. Prince would often perform shows with “slave” written in black make -up on his face. In 1996, Prince was released from Warner Bros. and after 18 years, later re-signed a deal where both parties were pleased with the negotiation.

Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown blaze the stage (1983)

Prince [Photograph]. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Prince [Photograph]. Photo Credit: Getty Images
When the soul god, James Brown calls for your presence on stage, you go! The heartfelt performance with sangin’ icons Michael Jackson and Prince getting into some serious groovey situations will put a smile on your face. The laugh James Brown gave Prince after calling his name multiple times will put a crack in your side; too funny. The energy of the impromptu jam session was intense. All three kings have went on to play music eternally but their sound will forever play in the heart waves of the living.

Check out Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown in a rare video doing what they do best, making a momentous occasion.

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott



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