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Photo Credit: [untitled photo of postits]. (N.D.) Retrieved December 30, 2015 from
3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! Time to lose weight!! Time to go back to school! These are familiar resolutions that come up each year. The resolution that people make each year seems to lose its meaning overtime. We all have that desire to change or want something new in our lives and some times a new year gives you that inspiration to finally do it. The failed attempts at trying to change things for the better can be repetitive but at least you keep trying that is the most important part. Here are some of the most common resolutions people have and ways to make sure you stick to them through out the year.

  1. Weight loss

Everyone wants to lose some weight or build some muscle. You get super pumped, buy some cute work out clothes and by February you have already fallen back into bad habits. A good way to stick to this plan is to take baby steps. Start off with two days of working out and maybe one cheat day a week. When you dive straight in to that healthy life it can be very hard. If your days at the gym become a distant memory, then start doing a few exercises in front of the TV or park further when you go shopping. When you start off small, you may have a better chance of losing that weight overall.

  1. Saving more money

This may be the hardest resolution for many people to accomplish because bad money habits are hard to break. Set reminders in your phone for your paydays and set aside $30 or more for each pay period. Set fewer hair appointments, go out less and consider sides hustle for extra money. Get out a piece of paper and figure out what your needs and wants are for the year. The extra money will be sure to provide a nice amount of saving for a rainy day.

  1. Smoking

With all the bans on smoking going around in major cities and on college campuses, this may be the time to actually stick to your plan of no more smoking. It doesn’t help that there seems to be many alternatives to smoking cigarettes but what many don’t realize is those products do more harm than cigarettes. The best way break your smoking habit is making a commitment to remove all tobacco products. Many people try patches and gums to help them quit. When that doesn’t work making an appointment with a doctor is your best alternative.

Written by: Deprina Godboldo, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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