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Photo Credit: [untitled photo of travel app]. (N.D.) Retrieved April 15, 2016 from
Love traveling, but hate the hassles that come along with it? No worries! Whether you’re trying to navigate through flights delays, currency confusion or language barriers, there are apps that will help you weather the storm (pun intended). Getting adjusted to a new scenery can be just as tedious as planning your trip, so here are the top ten travel apps that’ll make experiencing, understanding and documenting your travel destination a little more fun and a lot more convenient!

  1. TripCase: Great for frequent travelers; this app allows its users to organize multiple flights, hotel reservations and plans all in one place. Users can follow each other’s itineraries, allowing friends and family to keep tabs of each other’s travel plans, without constant updates. Should your flight undergo any changes, including delays or cancellations, notifications are instantly and automatically shared.
  1. Bravolol: Known as a modern day Rosetta Stone, Bravolol features a basic phrasebook in over thirteen languages. While the phrases are relatively basic, they are more than useful! The app also offers word pronunciation and phonetic spelling, especially useful for languages that employ different alphabets.
  1. CityMaps2Go: With downloadable maps and guides to thousands of destinations across the globe, this app is amazing, as it requires no Internet connection! Just pre-load your guide, and go. If you’re in need of suggestions but unsure where to look for such, the app’s got you covered with articles and recommendations.
  1. Currency: It’s hard to keep track of how much you’re spending when all of your purchases were made in foreign currency. One hundred thousand dong (Vietnamese currency) may sound like a fortune, but it’s actually less than five USD. Save yourself the anxiety, and headache, and download Currency! It’s a super fast and super convenient way to track your finances abroad.

     5.LiveTrekker: If you like keeping track of your travels, you’ll fall in love with this app.   LiveTrekker tracks you as you go, creating a red line along an interactive map on the exact route you take. You can add pictures, videos, audio and captions, creating a multimedia travel journal that you can share with family and friends.

  1. App in the Air: For the best coverage of airlines and airports, download App in the Air. It’ll keep you up-to-date about flight status, with or without internet connection. What makes this app even better is that it helps you manage your travel time, breaking down each flight into four stages: check in, boarding, takeoff and landing time.
  1. Time Out: A digital directory of things to do in cities across the world, Time Out covers everything from bars, to restaurants, to attractions and events. The event finder is useful as it notifies you of the most popular happenings around you or nearby. You can also use the app to make reservations, purchase tickets or create a customized itinerary.
  1. Postagram: The only thing better than finding the perfect postcard is making one. Yep, that’s right. With just one click, you can upload your own personal vacation picture, enter a caption, and Postagram will print it out and send it through snail mail. It’s not the fastest means of delivery, but for $0.99 cents in the US and $1.99 internationally, it’s well worth it!
  1. Swackett: At first glance, you would think Swackett was an ordinary weather app with current weather warnings and seven-day forecasts. Swipe to the next panel, however, and see fun, useful interpretations of the weather report. Swackett gives you fashion (weather-appropriate clothing recommendations), lifestyle (indications of good or bad weather for fitness, driving, sailing and more), health (warnings for allergies, asthma, etc.) and trivia (world weather records).
  1. Snapchat: What if I told you that Snapchat was good for more than fun filters? While Instagram has been a fan favorite for photo sharing over the last few years, Snapchat has taken the photo frenzy to a whole new level. If you don’t know already know, it’s an easy-to-use app that allows you to share pictures or (up to) ten second videos instantly.

Written by: Arianna J. Goolsby, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic




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