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He wants to solidify the relationship. You know he’s husband material, but you’re not quite ready to commit. You have two options :

1) You can throw this big catch back in the sea for someone else to hook or

2) You can try a few of these tactics to keep him close by until you’re ready to settle down. What do you do?

If You Love Him…Let Him Go

You could be thinking that by letting him loose you’d be missing out on a great opportunity of finally settling down with a great guy. Or worse, you may be taking the risk of having someone else snatch him up. But if you truly love him and know that you are not ready to make things official, then maybe it’s best to call it quits and let him find the love he deserves.

[Woman seducing man] Retrieved. April 25, 2017 From:
Sweet Nothings In His Ear

Tell him what he wants to hear! To some that statement may sound like it’s okay to be deceptive, but all you’re really doing is reiterating what you honestly feel and reminding him of how special is. Remind him of all the things that made you fall for him in the first place; things like the sparks that flew during your first kiss and how you simply adore the way he makes you feel! It isn’t deceptive if it’s true. Stroking his ego and confirming your desire to be with him isn’t a crime. Besides, who doesn’t like a compliment?

Heart Made of Glass

Everybody knows that the heart is fragile; especially a woman’s. And if he’s persistent in trying to get you to commit then you can whip out the “Fake Fragile” tactic. Simply think back on the time you had your heart broken by the person you loved and allow yourself to reflect and relive every emotion you experienced. Share those emotions and feelings with him and make it clear about your fears of going through that trauma again. And don’t be surprised if you discover that this (fear of giving your heart away) could be the underlying reason as to why you haven’t fully committed. 

Extended Probation and Under Observation

In all fairness, this tactic should only be used if he’s really hurt your feelings. If/when he offends you, put him in timeout and let him know that you’ve done just that. Standing you up for a date, not returning your call or anything else that offends can always be forgiven, but giving him to reflect on the pain he’s caused you is necessary…and it buys you more time!

Only you know what’s truly keeping you from committing, but hopefully with the use of one of these tactics your decision to do so will be easier and time will work in your favor!

Written By: Tahanee

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