[Clip art sign]. Retrieved February 25, 2017. From http://www.academiadecontos.com/texto.php?id_texto=277&cap=0

[Clip art sign]. Retrieved February 25, 2017. From http://www.academiadecontos.com/texto.php?id_texto=277&cap=0
LOL! Even the title makes me laugh. While having a discussion with friends, the subject of sex bucket lists is bound to come up came up and we all agree that nobody wants to be subjected to the missionary position for their entire lives. But since we can all also agree that this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are ready to break out whips and chains, we’d rather talk about the freaky, yet more common option.

Threesomes have become very popular, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are excited at the thought of them while others find them to be a complete turnoff. Even though threesomes rank third on men’s list of fantasies following voyeurism and specific fetishes, the same study pushed ménages down to number 13 for women, finding that women would rather have sex in public than share their mate. Whether the ladies are getting on board for the sake of their men or if they are knocking so many sexual acts off their bucker list that they are now down to number 13, it seems like a worthy topic to be explored.

So if you happen to have a healthy curiosity for a ménage, let us help you decide. Before going down that road, here are a few things you may want to consider.


Just ‘No!’ No matter what you do or say, your partner may not be into sharing you. Respect their wishes as you expect them to respect yours. Revisit the topic at a later date.


Talk about it. Be absolutely clear why either of you is considering bringing a third into the bedroom in the first place. Is this a fantasy you both have? Do you both feel comfortable exploring this avenue? Or are you trying to save a relationship on the skids? If it’s the latter, just go ahead and change your FB relationship status to single.

Prepare for the damage. There is a possibility that one of you is going to feel left out during the episode. Also, once it is over, one of you may feel like you are no longer able to satisfy the other. These are real feelings that can be hurtful to your relationship.


Where to look. Whether you are looking through apps like 3nder or Three Way Dating Club it’s probably best to avoid friends or ex-lovers.

Set guidelines. The excitement of the fantasy may have you both running at full speed; but, you need to have a real understanding of what is about to happen. Two girls and a guy? Two guys and a girl? Is kissing allowed? Know what is acceptable to you, your partner and your third.

Be kind to your third. Don’t be so focused on the adventure with your mate that you leave your third out. Find out what their preferences and boundaries are.

Be safe. Have plenty of condoms and lube on hand. Men should switch condoms when transitioning from one partner to the other, as well as going from the rear entry back to the front door.

All in all, be respectable of everybody’s feelings, bodies, health and preferences. No matter what the decision, do you!

Written by Carla DuPont Huger

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