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That little crisp nip in the air has us thinking about change and all things warm. This includes a fireplace. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, don’t just leave the mantle to collect dust, transform and accessorize it like a boss! With the rustic colors of the season and a little imagination, you can usher Fall into your living space and make your home cozy. Think of the fireplace as more than a coal-collecting, ash-ridden, hole in the wall and the mantel more than “that thing” above it. But rather make it the focal point of the party inclusive of what’s going on beneath it. Show your mantel some love and extend that warmth to the outside and dress it to impress. Here are some tips from our style files that you can throw into your transformation repertoires.


1. Prep for the Glow Up

Just like you prepare your face for makeup, or your hair to take color, you have to prime your subject before you add to it. So! In the event, that you’re feeling especially creative, reach for some sandpaper and give your mantel a little facelift. Sanding will remove unwanted layers and reveal the natural state of the wood, something you may actually like the look of.


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2. Lay the Foundation

After sanding it down, choose how you want to redo it. You can either use a wood stain to freshen it up or paint it. Stains come in a wide range of colors from natural to dark and whatever your taste, you’ll be sure to find a match that’ll tickle your fancy. For the creative, using a fire-resistant paint in a warm, earthy hue is a fun way to make over the room and make the mantle stand out.


3. Remove the Typical

When you enter someone’s home that has a mantel, the first thing you’re sure to find there are photos. Listen up Captain Obvious, we know that family and friends are near and dear to us all, but moving them to other areas of your living space leaves room for you to showcase other pieces. Try using one multi photo frame to reduce clutter and hold all of your memories in one place. Even using a frame the same color of the mantel will create continuity throughout the room. Whether you hang it high or stand it on the floor, it’ll then become an art piece.


4. Use Unconventional Pieces

Go as far left as you can possibly go and use things outside of their intended purpose. Hardware is a great way to modernize any area and when we think hardware we think dudududummmmmm ….. door  knobs! Door knobs? Yes girl, door knobs! Lately, these have evolved into statement pieces and can be used for so many things. What better way to showcase your creativity by using a handful  of these fun, funky accessories! Visit any local hardware store for a variety of choices in different materials and sizes. These are great to add some character to an otherwise blah area. Mix and match finishes and colors or choose one color palette and go from there. Add them along the edge of the mantle and with the holiday season upon us you can use these as ornament hangers. This is a great way of having one piece do double duty. It’s all about making this area come alive and speak for itself.


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5. Throw in Some Fun

In keeping with the theme, anything metallic is a great way to sass up the mantle. Using accents such as vases in mixed shapes and sizes will also add some flavor. Glass & mirrored pieces are great for making an area seem bigger than it is, and using these together throws light around the room. In dimmer light, these add a warm glow.


6. And Now the Glow Up

Finally add candles or tea lights in a variety of sizes. Pick a shape and use them across the mantle continuously creating layers of light. These places in front of and behind objects not only adds to the warm fire, but also offers sweet aromas. Use these in addition to the lit fireplace to create an inviting ambiance. As a bonus, add flowers in the same hue as the candles.


IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 12/6/2018

Long gone are the days of the typical. Style can be applied to your life in all facets. These are just some of the ways in which you can use fixtures or everyday items in ways other than their intended use. We’re all about repurposing with that #blackgirlmagic flare. Make use of an often overlooked, under used and understated functional piece of furniture and add some pizazz to your home this fall.



Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

IG & Twitter: iam_joii




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