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Being a new mom can be very overwhelming. You have to adjust to a new person who has needs that trump yours all the time. It can often leave you sleep deprived and grumpy! It does get better – I promise, and once you’ve conquered bottle feeding and diaper changing, you’ll need to curb the co-sleeping habit! For breastfeeding moms it’s easy to breastfeed baby and fall asleep together, however this can become a long difficult habit to break. This is because baby loves your warm body and scent. It’s comforting and who doesn’t love a good cuddle session. Unfortunately, this can become a big problem for bae time, with baby in the bed. So if you’re struggling to get the baby/toddler out of your bed try these tips.

African American family, Retrieved February 15, 2016 from
African American family, Retrieved February 15, 2016 from
  • Know the danger

Recognizing the dangers of co-sleeping, can be inspiration enough for new moms. Co-sleeping with infants leads to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The best advice for moms with infants – have them sleep in a crib. It’ll save you lots of grief later.

  • Communicate

If your child can make a sentence, they will be able to understand you telling them to go sleep in their bed. Make it a fun experience for them by rewarding them for being a big girl or boy. Try getting a night light, or comforting music. Their reason for becoming attached to sleeping with you is comfort. Create a comforting atmosphere for them to sleep.

Siblings sleeping retrieved February 15, 2016 from
Siblings sleeping retrieved February 15, 2016 from
  • Reinforcements

If you have a big family, call them for help. Getting everyone on the same page will help the transition easier. Siblings will be a great help to lead by example. Place their crib in the same room as their sibling or in the bedroom with you.

  • Patience

Nothing like good ole father time to make things work in the end. Children require your patience. They are learning new things all the time and sometimes have a hard time adapting to change. Being a loving patient parent will help your little one feel confident enough to be independent sleepers.

Written by Lungi Moore, Editor, Modern Domestic



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