[Wine Mom Smiling]. Retrieved November 18, 2016. From http://video.newsserve.net/v/20161031/1610311614-The-Worst-Pieces-of-Parenting-Advice-%E2%80%A2%C2%A0Wine.jpg

People seem to have all the advice in the world when they’re telling you how you should raise your kids, but things aren’t always that simple. While every child is different, there are a few life hacks out there that can completely get you out of a jam; but some can’t. All that said, millennials definitely parent a little different than our parents, from the verbiage that they use, to the way they discipline. So crack open a bottle of your favorite wine, and take a listen to Wine Mom’s advice for the millennial parent on some of the worst parenting advice that she’s been given.

Written By: Tamara Butler

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