Blacchyna kisses Rob Kardashian] Retrieved from February 20, 2016

Hollywood tends to get a little Hollyweird when it comes to the dating scene. While certain celeb couples like Bey and Jay or Steph and Ayesha just make sense, there are others we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around. Here’s three of the oddest celebrity pairings in 2016 so far.

[blac chyna and rob kardashian]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From:
[blac chyna and rob kardashian]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From:
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian
When Tyga made things official with Kylie, most assumed Chyna cut ties with the Kardashian clan altogether. So it was shocking to say the least when Rob announced the start of his relationship with Chyna on Instagram about a month ago. And some think Rob already put a ring on it. Chyna was spotted wearing a teardrop diamond on her left ring finger just a week ago in Trinidad!





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[zendaya and odell beckham]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From:,,20983758_20987473,00.html
Zendaya and Odell
With Zendaya fresh off the Disney screen many people forget she’s 19, but according to her father, she’s still not of age to decide who’s suitable to date. Four days ago TMZ reported Odell Beckham Jr. had an “audition” with Zendaya’s father for dating approval when the two attended the Grammy’s together. Odell got the green light to take Zendaya out on a second date (hopefully without a chaperone!)


[kenya moore and matt jordan]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From:
[kenya moore and matt jordan]. Retrieved April 28, 2016. From:
Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan
Kenya recently revealed her new boo, Matt Jordan, who she calls “Mr. Muscles” on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The odd thing about this new couple is their 17-year age gap! Kenya admitted she had reservations that he was a little too young for her and it took a while for her to go out with him at first. However, it seems things have already gotten pretty serious between the two judging from their recent romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic. I guess we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Muscles on RHOA this season.

Love is often misunderstood, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Good luck to these new celeb romances!

Written By: Lauren McRae


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