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 Despite what society says, not every one man is alike.  Each man’s “how to love” handbook is relative. Let’s face it, generalizing them is not always fair, and the good ones don’t get enough credit. For most, it isn’t easy finding love; and for those who have found it, they all brag about their relationships differently.  We can respect a man (or woman) who likes their privacy, but we’ve got a soft spot for those who’d rather shout it from the mountain tops!  Here’s a list of our favorite male celebrities who aren’t afraid to tell the world that they love their girl (and not just on Valentine’s Day)!

Getty Images (Photographer) 2016. Russell Wilson and Ciara [Photograph] Retrieved on 2/9/2017 from
There’s no question that Russell Wilson has loved Ciara from day one. With Ciara being BFFs with Kim K, football fans were afraid the “Kardashian Curse” would rub off on him. Not to mention, all of the guys Ciara dated saw somewhat of a downward spiral once she came into their lives. Others thought he was just plain crazy for dealing with a woman with so much public drama with an ex.  Despite what anyone thought though, he not only showed he loved Ciara, he proved it by putting a ring on it after almost a year of dating! The couple is expecting their first child together, taking their blended family from 3 to 4.  We absolutely love this love!

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 A new and fresh couple to watch is Terrance J and model Jasmine Sanders.  Last year, he sat down with the queen of gossip, Wendy Williams, and expressed, “I do have love in my heart.  I’m in a good place in my life, I have a very special person.”  A few months later, he finally decided to share with his followers who she was. This 25-year-old German born, Carolina-raised beauty has graced the magazine covers of Equire and DIVA.  She’s been seen in stores like Forever21 and Aldo, while sharing her face with the world for Smashbox and other makeup brands.  Long story short, she’s a model with CREDITS and RECEIPTS!  We wish this couple all the best!

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Some say she’s the best girlfriend/fiance’ in the game.  Most importantly, her man Cam’ron thinks she’s the best he’s ever had.  Between the relationship advice JuJu hands out on Love and Hip Hop NY and her entrepreneurial ambitions, she’s a woman with a strong head on her shoulders who needed a counterpart just as strong.  Spotting her exiting a flight, Cam’ron promptly asked JuJu for her number and she gladly handed it over.  The rest is history.  The two have built a friendship and traveled the world together.  Wedding bells, children and more money appear to be in this couple’s future and we can say it’s well deserved!

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 To those lucky enough to have found love, Happy Valentine’s Day!  To all my single ladies, Happy Galentine’s! Love yourself and others! 

 Written By:  Melody Lanei


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