Monica (Photograph). Retrieved 8-19-2016 from
Monica (Photograph). Retrieved 8-19-2016 from

We all know that social media is the place for mind-blowing unexpected challenges; from the ice-bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge, and now the #SoGone challenge.

For those who need to catch up; the challenge is based off the 2003 hit single “So Gone” by singer/songwriter Monica. The track showcased a females frustration of loving a man that is unfaithful to her. In the song Monica surprises her fans with a rap verse as the melodic beat gets you up out  of your seat. She aggressively states how she is too in love, and “so gone” that she isn’t even thinking clearly. Even though the song is over a decade old, the challenge rampaged social media this past week like no other! It was no surprise that individuals and celebrities were enthusiastic to add their own innovative word plays to the rhythmic beat of the classic tune produced by female rap recording artist Missy Elliot.
Take a look at some of the challenges that caught our eyes …
Chance The Rapper spilling his heart and completely destroying the beat!

Damian Lillard took a swing at the challenge and knocked it out the park!

Snoop Dogg added his classic flow to the challenge never disappointing us as usual.

Even basketball all-star Dwayne Wade and comedian Kevin Hart  took a shot at the challenge and let’s just say “it was nothing but net!” Take a peak below:

And it was only right that Monica and Missy themselves join in on all the fun. Here’s a clip showing that the dynamic duo still has the music game in the bag!

You too can take part in this ground breaking challenge by finding the “So Gone” instrumental and beginning the challenge. Share on social media using the hashtag #sogonechallenge!

Written By:  Chante’ Hall


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