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While many ladies were prepping for Valentine’s Day a couple weeks ago, Rachel Lindsay was preparing for something bigger. The 31-year-old Texas lawyer made her first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to announce that she will be the lead on the next season of “The Bachelorette.”

She is breaking barriers as the first African-American woman to grant roses to romantic hopefuls. This news came as a slight spoiler alert for the current season of “The Bachelor,” where fans were waiting to see if Rachel would  make it to the next round after the current bachelor, Nick Viall, met her family.

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After 13 seasons of “The Bachelorette” and 21 seasons of “The Bachelor,” there has never been an African-American male or female lead. It’s about time ABC diversified both shows. Critics and fans of “The Bachelor” noticed the lack of diversity before “The Bachelorette” spin-off came to fruition. When Entertainment Weekly questioned “The Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss about the lack of color in the cast, he said producers “really tried” when it came to diversity but wanted to avoid “tokenism.” With all of the controversy surrounding one of the longest running television franchises, Fleiss knew choosing Rachel as the lead would be a big deal. He teased fans with a Twitter announcement.

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Rachel Lindsay seems to be a pretty good catch! She is a civil defense litigation attorney at Cooper & Scully, P.C. in Dallas. She is close to her family and was a fan favorite during Nick Viall’s season. Lindsay was the first black contestant to receive a “first impression” rose. Now she will be the first to lead the show. Some speculate the announcement was made early in order to start collecting a pool of diverse applicants for her season.  Because, lets be real…how many black people are vying to be a contestant on “The Bachelorette”?  After making her announcement on Jimmy Kimmel, Lindsay “solicited” men to apply and sign up for her season.

“We’re a couple of weeks out from filming, we’re ready to get this started. I’m ready to find love, find a husband, so if you know anybody out there who needs to apply, go ahead, sign up!,” she said.

If you want to watch Lindsay search for love while making history, tune into “The Bachelorette” on Monday, May 22 on ABC.

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