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Thanks to social media, the travel lifestyle is all the rage. Traveling is essentially the new going out. With new movements like Black and Abroad encouraging travel, tourism is no longer just for older, rich Caucasians. Thanks to the internet providing the ability to quickly research and comparison shop, travel is a lot more affordable and available. With phrases like travel bae, baecation, and vacationship now entering the lexicon. Willingness to travel is becoming an important requirement for a lot of people to date.

However, before you and your new/potential boo prepare to globe-trot, there are a few things that should be considered before deciding to take a couple’s trip. A trip with your mate is all about timing and can be a beautiful experience or disaster!


  1. What level of dating are you on? – There’s a big difference between two people still getting to know each other and a couple firmly rooted in a relationship. For most men to even ask you to travel is a pretty big step and investment into the relationship, or a last ditch effort to try and get some. But before you decide to travel with each other, make sure you have the right chemistry. How do you two get along, how do you two make decisions and settle disagreements? If you’re traveling with other couples, you want to hang out with them before traveling. Observe how they interact with each other and if anyone acts differently when around their mate. You don’t want to spend a trip arguing, being around those who fight, anyone that makes you uncomfortable, or anyone you don’t trust.
  2. What expectations do you have? – A lot of men usually have intimate expectations when traveling with a woman, regardless of the level of the relationship; if you share a bed during the trip, regardless of if it’s a romantic destination or not. If you want to quell intimate notions, nothing will calm a man’s sexual expectations quicker than letting him know that you want your own bed or own room.

Aside from intimacy make sure that activity wise there are activities for both of you to look forward to and enjoy.

Fellow EGL writer and travel enthusiast Crystal Stout from www.hernameiscrystal.com shares:

”I think intimacy is amazing during your travel with your partner… Although that is important to me, it’s not my sole expectation. The most important expectation is getting the most out of our trip. That means researching our destination and seeing the ‘to-do’s’ and making sure we do all if not most of them.”


  1. Is it a weekend getaway or longer trip? – The length of the trip matters. It tells you the intention and level of relationship. A typical weekend allows you to begin to get to know someone, but a week is a bigger commitment.


Marj from www.marjondemand.com, however, suggests:

“If you feel like the time for you to find the right person is now, and you can’t jeopardize a relationship that will take two years to decide if he or she is the best fit for marriage…a longer trip together can assist you in finding the answer. It can be risky, but it can be an advantage if you just want to know right away if you’re a suitable fit to the puzzle.”


  1. Make or break – There’s a number of things that can happen that can make it a great trip or can completely ruin a trip.

Make sure you both have the same options – you both have a passport, pre-check, or global entry so you can avoid getting separated and you move at the same pace and path together.

Be prepared to possibly see the worst side or learn something new about your partner, as you’re spending a lot of time in close quarters. You’ll find out quickly what they are meticulous, what care free about and any bad habits they have.

“Any time you travel, it is always a good idea to keep an open mind. Sometimes experiencing a new culture may require you to step outside your comfort zone, and that is okay. Be prepared to try new foods, do things you have never done previously, and intermingle with people who may look or sound very different than you do.” – Marj


Travel Suggestions From Our Experts:


For a romantic setting – Anywhere that sets immediate intimate expectations

Crystal: “The most romantic place I have traveled to is the Maldives. Staying in a hut in the middle of the ocean is DIVINE!”

Marj:  Paris, Santorini, and Argentina


A Non-romantic Destination – A destination that instantly doesn’t conjure up images of intimacy

Crystal: Non-romantic is definitely the dessert. Sand surfing in Morocco was fun but definitely not romantic!

Marj: Las Vegas, Cancun, and Key West


A Weekend Getaway

Crystal:  “My ideal weekend getaway is a city with culture. Since I am from NY I love visiting Philadelphia & Baltimore. There is so much culture just a stone’s throw away!”

Marj: Orlando, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas


Extended Trip – a week or longer

Crystal: Definitely South Africa… I feel like every black person should go to South Africa-visit the home of Nelson Mandela, Robben Island, Aquila Reserve, shark-dive and eat some of the best seafood in the world!

Marj: Europe, Thailand, Canada and Dubai


Travel On a Budget

Crystal: “Lack of bank shouldn’t stop you from you from traveling with so many travel clubs and sites you can travel on a budget. You have to search, search and search for deals believe me they are out there.”

Marj: “Caribbean Islands or main cities within the US. Always checking the flight deals with one-way deals to places such as New York, Washington, DC., Texas, New Orleans, and Denver.”


Regardless of the level of dating, men put deep thought into the decision and timing of taking a woman out of town. If it’s not serious, we look for the right woman that will have fun, be low drama and not expect it to be more than what it is. If we’re thinking relationship we’re thinking about getting rid of distractions, alone time and deeper connection. Before you agree to go out of town, find out what type of trip, assure it’s the right time and lay out what you want from the trip also. It will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

Follow Johnny on Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


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