Pack your clothes and dust your walls fah la la laaaa! it’s spring cleaning time! Many might believe that spring cleaning is only pertaining to clothing and dusting. However, what about that furniture that you have had forever? You know the one that you just hate and wish you could throw it out. If that’s not your story, Do you find yourself saying you need a room makeover? Something that adds just an extra touch of fabulous? No worries! Here’s the perfect DIY. Fringe is the perfect statement piece. It screams daring, fearless and BOLD. Here are different projects you can do yourself to make your spring makeover amazing.

Photo Retrieved From: (3/9/2016)
Photo Retrieved From: (3-9-2016)

This chair is designed by Laura Kirar Guernica and is known as the crowd pleaser. This chair is an attention getter when you enter a room immediately it speaks volumes. It is the perfect chaise to spruce up your spring furniture.


  • Wicker Chair
  • Crochet Needle
  • Leather texture Fabric
  • Scissors

Cut the fabric into lengths of your choice then you will place the fabric on the needle and put it through the hole on the chaise. Once the fabric is through the hole you will tie a knot and continue the process until it is completed. This is a very tedious job but well worth it in the end!

Now if you are not to fond of the Fringe Chair then perhaps you will love the Fringe Pillow.

Photo From: (2-15-16)
Photo From: (2-15-16)


  • Fringe Fabric of choice
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Iron on adhesive
  • An iron

This is an inexpensive DIY and it can serves as a pop of color or a statement piece. It is the perfect accessory for your furniture.

Most pillow inserts are 20 x 20 in., so cut out a 20 x 20 in. piece. Folded back about an inch on one of the 20 in. sides of each piece and ironed it down. Then apply the under the fold to adhere it down. This adhesive is the secret weapon to no sew projects because it holds SO well.

Next, line up a 15 x 20 in piece with the top edge of the 20 x 20 in. piece with the fabric faces facing each other.  I glued the fabric pieces together where the red lines are in the photo above, which are supposed to be about a quarter inch away from the edges. Then glue on the other 15 x 20 in. piece lined up with the bottom of the 20 x 20 in. piece. The folded edges of the 15 x 20 in. pieces should be overlapped. Let the adhesive adhere for at least a couple hours before turning the covers inside out and stuffing them with the pillows.

Now If you are looking to update your wall space then I have the perfect wall art for any room.

Photo From:
Photo From:

The fringe wall art is so perfect because it adds dimension, a pop of color and makes a bold statement. To achieve this look you will you need yarn, a stick and scissors. These items can be found at your local craft store and under 10.00. I know we all love a great DIY STEAL!

How do you plan to incorporate fringe into your spring? Comment below!

Written By: Johnakeshia Thompson



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