Photo credit: [Untitled photo of ballerina feet] (N.D.). Retrieved February 19, 2016 from
Photo credit: [Untitled photo of ballerina feet] (N.D.). Retrieved February 19, 2016 from
Photo credit: [Untitled photo of ballerina feet] (N.D.). Retrieved February 19, 2016 from                                                                                                              

Misty Copeland, when her name is spoken many think of #blackexcellence. She is what we’ve been educated recently by the brilliant Shonda Rhimes, to be referred to as an F.O.D….Misty is the First….Misty is the Only…and finally Misty is Different. The first African-American female to earn the principal lead in the predominantly non-minority American Ballet Theater, an ode to how far we have come as a society. All I see is that picture floating around on Facebook, the portrait of the feet of a ballerina, one foot beautifully laced in its ballerina shoes the other foot bloody. I question to what lengths one is truly willing to get …bloody? What does it take to achieve milestones like Misty Copeland? Many women in the entertainment industry like Shonda Rhimes, Mona Scott and Kandi Burruss make it look effortless. However getting to their level of success takes more than we know.
For aspiring interns dreaming big here’s an example of a managerial position;
Manager to Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss, Brand Consultant Guru, and Reality Star Needed 
Job Qualifications:
10 years of experience              
15  years of drive and  determination           
20 years of wearing multiple hats to better others

Now if this classified ad reads more like a resume than an ad that would actually be the case. Although it would be great to walk on the scene to a position like the one advertised, there is one special person, DonJuan Clark, whom already holds this title. Upon speaking with him, the resonating theme throughout our conversation was the lack of commitment, the lack of focus, and the lack of plain old work ethic, which millennials have today. Some vivid stories that stick out from our time, were multiple interns that have begged and pleaded to get a position with the entertainment powerhouse, Clark, only to want reward as soon as they hit the door as if the position’s responsibilities comes with instant fame and more importantly, instantaneous status. Clark gives the true path, his path: “Everyone thinks that it just happens overnight but for me this has been a journey that has span over almost two decades. I did not start making a living in the industry until about 9/10 years ago, and so all the time prior I was working for FREE! I used the opportunity as time to gain as much knowledge and as many contacts as I could.” Words to abide by, words to live by, and words to thrive by, but do these words resonate?

Now this short blog is not meant to preach but better yet give you a jolt of REAL that in many times is blurred in what we see as our REALity.  This reality that makes our need for instant, take the one word that almost guarantees that craved F.O.D status, that word is patience. “I learned a lot that has helped me along the way and researching and professionalism are the top of the list followed by patience.  Patience seems like the odd ball in the group but for me it is the most important.” declared DonJuan Clark…My F.O.D

Written by Sabreen Shabazz-Straker, Contributing writer, Modern Domestic


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