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And yes, they let women do things at NASA and not because we wear skirts, but because we wear glasses!” – Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson

Meet the real Hidden Figures. The women working behind the scenes in math and science making sure the impossible becomes the very possible using strength, intelligence and power to achieve those dreams.

The box office film Hidden Figures is based on a true story about three extraordinary women of color who were mathematicians, aka “the human computers,” and overcame several hurdles including race and gender discrimination to make NASA space history.

Katherine Johnson. Photo Credit:

Katherine Johnson played by actress Taraji P. Henson is the brains and mathematician behind sending the first American to launch in space. After much harsh treatment she received from her white colleagues, Johnson proved time and time again that her work and figures spoke for themselves and with much confidence, Johnson became the first African American team player to assist in the historic launch that changed space history forever.

Mary Jackson. Photo Credit:

Mary Jackson played by Grammy award singer Janelle Monae wanted to move up in her career in engineering. Jackson was turned down for a job role due to lack of class requisites. Not letting anything stop her, Jackson took matters into her own hands by settling out of court and asking a judge to grant permission to allow her to attend night classes at an all-white school fulling her requirements for an engineering degree.

Dorothy Vaughan. Photo Credit: Vaughan family.

Dorothy Vaughan played by actress Octavia Spencer used her own math and data skills to land her a leadership role in the NASA Company by teaching herself programming for computer software and mathematical figures used for NASA Capsules becoming the first African American supervisor in the IBM department.

These three women have not only been inspiring but have become pioneers to all people of different races, especially to black women. They have proven that women can overcome any obstacle with perseverance and strength.

Thirteen year old Taylor Richardson who wants to become an astronaut one day, was so inspired after seeing the Oscar nominated film that she decided to raise money, so 1,000 other young girls could see Hidden Figures.

Also following in the footsteps of the legends is Astronaut Jeanette Epps who in 2018 will become the first African American astronaut to join the crew of the international space station and Epps first trip to space.

True black girl magic. We are thankful for Mrs. Katherine Johnson, Ms. Mary Jackson and Ms.Dorothy Vaughn for showing us that nothing is impossible and allowing us to meet the heroes behind a historic mission.

Written by: Tiffany Hercules


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