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Having time, money and a handful of options to choose from are just some of the perks of dating. But with all good things there’s bound to be some bad, and when you’re dating more than one person and interacting with different personalities, you can expect a few bumps in the road. However, if you have a map in hand, there are other routes to take and you can avoid those bumpy roads. The process of elimination when dating will keep you from wasting time and traveling down a road that leads to a dead end.

[Woman rejecting man] Retrieved. July 10, 2016. From:
[Woman rejecting man] Retrieved. July 10, 2016. From:
No Time for Lies

There are no second chances when it comes to a lie. If your heart is forgiving and you have more than enough time to chase behind someone who is clearly starting the relationship off on a bad note (by telling a lie), then go on girlfriend…best wishes to you. But always remember one lie leads to another and another, and before you know it months have gone by and the foundation this new relationship has been built on begins to crumble.

The Man in The Mirror

Yes! And I mean that literally. You two can’t walk past a restaurant window, side-view mirror or windows on a car without him stopping in front of it to admire himself. And this the epitome of a turn off; especially when he licks his fingers to slick down his sideburns. You’ve never been the least bit insecure about how you look, but now you’ve got to admit his over confidence is beginning to make you feel some kind of way. If you are beginning to second guess whether or not your physical appearance is up to par, then sweetie…it’s time eliminate this egotistical idiot. 

No Dates with Cheapskates

This could have been number one but in this day and age many women don’t mind spending a few coins on a man. And who’s to say he isn’t testing you when he tries to stick you with the check? He may just want to see how independent you really are! But seriously, women are supposed to be courted. And while there is nothing wrong with treating your boo, it shouldn’t be an everyday thing.

Baby Mama Drama

No time for it. As soon as you get a dose of the relationship he shares with the mother of his child(ren) and it’s nothing but negativity, that’s a clear cut sign that your Mr. Right is probably Mr. Wrong.

No one ever said that dating would easy, but it helps to have an idea of what you will and will not settle for!



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