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Apartment hunting in a city that you’re familiar with can be tedious, but trying to find a nice apartment in your price budget in another city is plan out nerve wrecking. The thought of moving is making you cringe and your to-do list is growing by the minute. Not to mention the fact that you’re your own concerns about where you will be living. It’s one thing when you know the city you are in but to move to a city that you know nothing about is again nerve wrecking. No worries, we feel your pain and have a couple tips to help moving out of town a breeze.

IMAGE: IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 08/21/2018

Tip # 1 Budget

Create a budget for the price range you would like to pay on a monthly bases. Be sure to include utility information and any other miscellaneous items; such as toiletries, and groceries. Creating a budget allows you to have an idea on the amount of money you would like to spend every month and it also narrows down your apartment hunts.

Tip #2 Pros and cons checklist

Create a checklist with some deal breakers that you will not settle for in your home. If the apartment must have certain amenities then write it down. You’re fully aware of the things you can’t live without. For some people, central air and heating are a must and for others, it isn’t. Creating pros and cons list will help you make some decisions when you choosing your new home.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 08/21/2018

Tip #3 Research

Let’s face it every city has a side of town that’s worst than the other one. In my city, it’s the eastside and some parts of the westside. In order for you to know what side of town is crime invested, research different areas in that particular city. Look up the city local news station and search crime.  Google sides of towns with a nice apartment in your price range.

Tip #4 Take a trip

You never know a place until you’ve seen it at night. Take a trip and visit the apartments in person. The places that you love, drive through the neighborhood at night and see if it’s any stray cats, people hanging out or trash all over the place. Check and see if the place is lit up at night.  If you can’t take a trip but have friends or families in the city, utilize your resources and ask them for help.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 08/21/2018

Moving is already stressful and the fact that you have to move out of town to a place that you’ve no idea about can be nerve wrecking; However, we have you covered at EGL so utilize our tips and enjoy your stress-free move.

Written by Johnakeshia, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer

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