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Looking back on past relationships can make one either happy about the decisions that they made, or empty because they didn’t choose correctly. A person can evolve in life with or without us, and that’s the risk that we take when we decide whether to stay or leave, which can change the course of life as we know it.

Time has a way of catching up with each of us. Running into an ex at a supermarket, museum, or social media can be an interesting situation. While each of us has predictions of what the future will hold, nobody knows what will take place until it happens. It can be shocking to find out that the person that you had a chance with grew into a mature, stable, man or woman with much more to offer the best version of themselves. That’s why it’s imperative to remember never to judge a book by its cover.

One can’t be mad about something they let go! Personal decisions are something that we have the choice to make. You can have love for a person without being with them, but once you leave you may never be able to return again. Life and love is hard, and we long for a person that won’t run out on us the moment things get too hard.

It’s unfair to believe that relationships will be perfect. Some situations are intolerable for most people. While most of us can tolerate dysfunction, others have a hard time adjusting to the baggage that others bring to their lives, so they leave the relationships and the emotions behind, seeking a more stable relationship.

Past friendships can be recovered, but it can be a hard pill to swallow. There’s one thing a person never forgets, and that’s how a person treated them when they were at the worst and when they were at their best. Seeing an old lover with someone else living the life that could’ve been yours can be heartbreaking. Entertaining the idea can bring past emotions to the table that can have serious consequences for all parties involved.

Happiness is different for each o us. What’s meant for us will personally find us, even in lost love.

Written By: Tamara Butler


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