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As women, we face an exhaustive search for beauty often based on specifications designed by Madison Avenue, Hollywood and countless individuals who have their own perspective and perception of beauty. This search sometimes leaves us riddled with insecurities and unmet expectations.

We meet women who may be externally “flawless” but have poor attitudes and carry a negative aura that can ruin the mood of any social event.  Outer beauty catches your attention but inner beauty captivates.

Beauty is more than a pretty face. True beauty, encompasses a sound mind, healthy body, and an enlightened spirit which represents true wholeness. Each part of this triad compliments the other.

As we prepare for Spring, purchasing our new attire, latest beauty products, focusing on what people see, let’s give our mind, bodies, and spirits a thorough cleaning.

1.Invest some time reading something to elevate and challenge your mind intellectually or spiritually.  Learn a new word each day or a new language.

2.Create a new workout plan.  No need to join an expensive gym, just take a 20-minute walk outdoors, 3 days a week, while meditating on your future, cleansing your mind, all the while enjoying nature.

  1. Impurities can affect your mind, body and your spirit so, rid yourself of natural and spiritual toxins.

When the care of your mind, body and spirit are exercised and embraced, true beauty is discovered. The search ends and a beautiful journey begins that you personally defined.

Written By: Katie Felder


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