[Couple looking into camera]. Retrieved August 13, 2016. From http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/985783/moving-in-with-him-battle-of-dividing-up-household-chores

Even in 2016, there are still certain domestic expectations placed on partners in the marriage. C’mon, let’s keep it real. Women are expected to cook, clean and care for the children, while men handle the outside stuff like taking out the trash and cutting the grass. Truth is, everything will never be 50/50 in a marriage, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more of a fair shake.

[Couple cooking]. Retrieved August 13, 2016. From http://www.vozafric.com/relationship-8-things-couples-usually-fight-about-that-is-normal/
[Couple cooking]. Retrieved August 13, 2016. From http://www.vozafric.com/relationship-8-things-couples-usually-fight-about-that-is-normal/
There is a lot more involved in the domestic duties inside the home than outside. Whether you realize it or not, refusing to share the heavy loads of both will add stress to your union that could lead to resentment. Additionally, you become overworked, physically and emotionally drained, and your sex drive plummets.  After all, how sexy do you feel after washing and folding four loads of laundry?

Many wives don’t want to ask for help, and many husbands won’t really go out of their way to help without being asked. Wives feel like it’s their duty and the husbands think you’re independent enough to handle it all. Most women wear an ‘S’ on their chest, but we promise that asking for help won’t make it any smaller. Here are a few ways to nudge hubby down Help Avenue.

“Baby, will you please wash the towels for me this weekend?”

When he agrees, give him an excited (but not overly excited) thank you. Whatever you do, don’t correct the way he folds. Instead, be happy for the help.

“Baby, after I wash the sheets, will you make up the beds? It’ll really help me out.”

This seems like a bargain. Even though you normally change linen and wash, hearing that you are still doing something will make him more willing to help.

“Hun, which day do you want to cook dinner this week?”

Not giving him a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question forces him to give you an answer.

“Sweets, I’m about to tackle this kitchen. If you tackle the bathrooms it’ll all be done quicker.”

This suggestive angle shows him that you are not dumping everything on him, but asking for help.

“Do you want to clean out the fridge or vacuum the floors?”

This gives hubby the option of choosing what type of help he wants to give.

Ladies, you should never be afraid to ask for help. That said, each week, change up what you ask for help with so he gets a real peek into what truly goes into managing a home. Remember, showing him a special thanks for his help will go a long way!

Written ByCarla DuPont Huger

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