Chocolate City (Photograph) 2015. Retrieved on 4/5/2016 from
Chocolate City (Photograph) 2015. Retrieved on 4/5/2016 from
Chocolate City (Photograph) 2015. Retrieved on 4/5/2016 from

Spring may have just begun, but the summer heat is already starting to seep through; not just via the weather but through some of our hottest celebrities and their upcoming blockbuster hits. Ladies, try to maintain your sugar levels again this summer, because Jean- Claude La Marre’s Chocolate City is bringing back the sexy, the fantasy, and, of course, the chocolate.  Keeping your mouths from watering may be hard to do with the new Chocolate City 2: Vegas hitting a small-screen near you. Robert Ri’chard (Coach Carter, One on One) returns as the lead character and veteran in the game, Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill, Two Can Play That Game) reappears to play his mother.  If you missed the first film, take a look at Ri’chard’s character “Sexy Chocolate” as he gives you a little mid-week tease.  You’re welcome.


The first movie was released on DVD last summer, and unfortunately received very low ratings (and profit return).  Not many details have been released about Chocolate City 2: Vegas but we do know the cast may be getting a whole lot sexier. Joining the cast this go round is another veteran in the industry and longstanding sex-symbol Mekhi Phifer, as well as America’s Next Top Model star and EGL Rock Candy, Keith Carlos.


The boys are back in action and are currently filming the new movie (and looking amazing while doing it).  This time, the film will be released on video-on-demand so you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home, but just remember though…for mature eyes only!  The release date for the upcoming film has yet to be released but check out the behind the scenes footage for your viewing pleasure.


Will you be watching?

Written By: Melody Lanei


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