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Whether it’s your first or your fifth, caring for a newborn can be a wonderful, stressful and trying experience. Here are few tips for you and your newborn while you both adjust and enjoy each other.

Be sure to take it easy. For the first few days you should avoid heavy lifting, standing for long periods of time or any strenuous activity.

This is the time to enjoy any assistance from your friends and family. If you’re a first time mom, the help is always a plus. If a friend or family member is more than willing to help, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or guilty for accepting. Newborns feed every 2-4 hours which can be overwhelming (if you’re not used to getting up every three hours) and painful if you’re still sore from childbirth.

Though your infant may be too delicate for a large crowd, it only takes one person to spread the flu or any other virus. Every visitor should wash their hands before holding or feeding your little one and for the first few weeks, any older siblings should hit the showers before hanging out with their new brother or sister.

There is more than one way to breastfeed. During the first 7-10 days your breasts may be sore or irritated from constant feeding or pumping. If you insist on strict breastfeeding without formula, then it’s in your best interests to pump your breast milk into a bottle for feeding. In addition to giving your breasts a much needed break, you can monitor the quality of your breast milk for color and consistency and amount of milk he or she consumes.

Though it may seem like a mission, do your best and achieve some sleep. If you’re lucky enough to have an infant who sleeps through the night at birth or a good husband who takes the night shift, a good night of sleep will keep your mind, blood and breast milk flowing. Your body needs every inch of rest in order for you to recharge and get back to normal.

Written by Latoya Hoyte

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