1/7/2009 Las Vegas Nevada, CES -- Dr. Dre, record producer/rapper shows off his new headphones. Note- Mike Snider is writing something on this. Photo by Tim Loehrke, USAToday (Via MerlinFTP Drop)

Dr. Dre and Apple present "Vital Signs" [Photograph]. Retrieved 2-15-2016 from: http://www.slashgear.com/dr-dre-tv-show-detailed-as-apple-original-called-vital-signs-12426729/
Dr. Dre and Apple present “Vital Signs” [Photograph]. Retrieved 2-15-2016 from: http://www.slashgear.com/dr-dre-tv-show-detailed-as-apple-original-called-vital-signs-12426729/
The successful music mogul Dr. Dre is preparing to adopt a new business venture, however this time he will be on a screen near you.

Post Dre’s $3 billion deal in 2014 with Apple, it’s been reported the Beats by Dre architect is teaming up with Apple again to produce a new scripted series entitled “Vital Signs.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple and the 50-year-old rap legend will collaboratively produce a six- episode show which will star Dre. The show is expected to be a dark semi-autobiographical drama with a few promiscuous scenes, while focusing on various emotions and how Dre’s character deals with it.

Viewers can expect to see other familiar faces such as Murder in the First’s Sam Rockwell and Mo Mc Cre. As for behind the scenes, music video visionary Paul Hunter, who is a key writer for the Fox hit show “Empire” is assigned as director.

The series is claimed to debut via Apple Music, however it’s unclear if Apple TV, the iTunes store or other apple platforms will partake in this new venture.

Aside from Dr. Dre’s success spree he’s been on lately; executive produced Straight Outta Compton, and the release of his first studio album in over 15 years labeled Compton, it’s no telling how this first season will take flight.

Written by: Chey Lyn


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