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Just when we thought Drake and Pusha T were going to own the summer, Beyonce and Jay-Z came through and reminded everyone why they’re the King and Queen of Hip-Hop

On this ordinary Saturday, The Carters surprised us with their long-awaited joint album, Everything Is Love, available exclusively on Tidal.

The Queen is saucy as ever on this album as she drops some hot bars, and Jay-Z proves once again that he can still rumble with today’s top rappers.

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The album touches on many topics, including overcoming infidelity, friendships, love and much more. Check out some of our favorite lines below:

Ya’ll know how I met her. We broke up, got back together. To get her back, I had to sweat her.”-Jay-Z on rekindling his relationship with Beyonce.

I ain’t going to nobody nothing, especially if me and my wife beefing. I don’t care if the house was on fire, I ain’t leaving.”-Jay-Z on not attending Kanye’s wedding.

 “You not a boss, you got a boss. N-ggas getting jerked, that sh-t hurts. I take it personally, n-ggas rather work for the man than to work with me, just so they can pretend they on my level, that sh-t is irking to me.”-Jay-Z possibly on Drake partnering with Apple Music instead of Tidal.

If I gave even two f-cks about streaming numbers, I would have put Lemonade on Spotify, F-ck You.”-Beyoncé on why she didn’t release her last studio album on Apple Music or Spotify.

I’m everybody type. Goddamn right. I’m so nice. Jesus Christ. I’m better than the hype. I give you life.”-Beyonce jus being saucy (LOL).

The Carters kicked off their “On the Run II” tour earlier this month in Europe. While some fans were hesitant about seeing the couple perform 40 of their classic hits instead of new music, they may have a change of hearts now. There’s no word on if the set list will change, but as you know, Beyoncé always has something up her sleeve. The North America leg of the tour will begin on July 25 in Cleveland, Ohio.

This summer is definitely going down in history. With new albums from Kanye West, Pusha T, Nas, Jay Rock, Teyana Taylor, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more, we’re in music heaven. The big question is who will hold the crown for Summer 18? We’ll definitely give you our opinion in August.

If you haven’t already, download Tidal to listen to Everything Is Love. (P.S.-If you don’t want to give up your coins, you can get a free 30 day trail. You’re Welcome).

Also, you can checkout the video to the couple’s single, “ApeS**t” below:

Let me know your favorite songs/lyrics in the comment box!

Written By: Ericka Smith, News Editor


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